Saturday, July 18, 2015

Very Angry Today

     As a current resident of Chattanooga, I am having a very angry day and I am not sure how let it out. As you might have seen on the national news, we recently had Muslim terrorist shoot and kill five people here. Having served in Iraq and seeing the utter misery that the people live in, I was forgiving of their ignorance of America and why they saw us as the enemy. This POS that killed these military personnel came from Kuwait and lived here for years, so it is tough to provide any quarter to this type of person. I was extremely happy to know that the police put this animal down and that we won't have to listen to any BS from his lawyer about him being misguided or tricked.

     I have so many angry feelings toward the Muslim population in this country that I know are unfair and could be considered stereotyping, but since they refuse to denounce Muslim terrorism I have zero use for them.  If I am to be a true American and accepting of the melting pot meme, then how do I reconcile these repeated acts of pure evil from a single group of people against the citizens of America.  It isn't like it has been a single act or a limited sect of the group, but it has been multiple acts from many different places. But, they all have two things in common, they are carried out by Muslim and directed at innocent people.

    I am having strong feelings of retribution and hatred for this group of people. I am tired of the media outpouring of sympathy for the perpetrators. Saying it is a limited group, they are just misunderstood and better ideas will solve this problem. It a requirement of the Muslim religion to kill non-believers if they don't convert, so what is there to misunderstand. I have had enough of the BS. Many may considered this hate speech for voicing my personal feelings, but I have seen the pain and death up close and am fed up with one group's ability to cause death to innocent people. 

    And why would my speech anymore hateful than theirs? The funny thing is that this terrorist religion kills more of its own believers than any outside group does, but they refuse to acknowledge this fact. They continue promote the killing of innocents and to seek opportunities to kill Americans and wipe Israel from the face of the Earth.  Sounds pretty hateful and not just one person's feelings? Does this sound like a religion of peace? Does this sound like people that can be reasoned with? Enough is enough.

    I am angry and frustrated.  I don't know the answer, but I do know that I am done with allowing a small group to cow us with the false memes of religious freedom and political correctness.  If you are not a terrorist, then get your house in order and put down the rabid dogs in your yard.

Let me have it, how I am not suppose to say these things and that I am wrong.

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