Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thus It Begins

   As I warned yesterday, the reason for the terrorist's actions was depression and not radical Islam, so says his Muslim family. The MSM is searching for any reason other than the one and only reason for the attack. We need to force all "peace loving" Muslims to call out the radicals and openly refute calls for violence. We should not be forced to accept the BS without question from "moderate Muslims". If you are truly peace loving then help root out the radicals here and across the globe.

   Ask the citizens in Western Iraq, what was it like when you got your wish for radical Islam leadership.  That last only a few months and they turned to America for arms to root out the radicals. That is the truth of how we turned the tide in the War in Iraq. It is this that encourages me that maybe it could be just a misguided few, but I need to see a lot more results before I am willing to believe that Islam is what it claims.

I am no less angry today, but I am always happy to see that Saudi Arabia is trying to clean up the mess they created and funded.  400 terrorist is a drop in the ocean of radical Islam, but it is a start. I am feeling very isolationist, which is both American and unAmerican. If you are at war, which we are, you don't throw open the boarders to the enemy and hope for the best.

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