Friday, February 27, 2015

Been Busy

I hate the thought of not communicating with you all for so long, but I just have been so very busy for a long time. I just don't have the hours in the day necessary to read, digest and post on the day's events. I hate the idea of closing the blog down, but it also seems a shame to keep it up and unused.

I have enjoyed the relationships created and nurtured here with all the other warriors for the American Dream. I just wish I had the time to spend with you. I should have shut things down a couple years back when I got my new job, but I always thought that at some point I would be able to get back to posting.

That just hasn't happened and in recent months things have accelerated and I have even less time to keep up with things. I will miss you all. God Bless America and keep striving for the American Dream.

1 comment:

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