Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where Are We Going?

    I have to wonder where we are going as a country or as a nation of individual people.  I think we have lost our way on what is important to us and what we value as a nation.  We will not turn this country around if we have no clue on what we value and what we support and the priorities we place on those values.  How do you pick one candidate over another, when you don't have a clear idea of what you value and how much you value it.  This isn't more evident when it comes to the crop of possibles for 2016 because there are a bunch of politicians out there promising the world.  We all know leopards don't change their spots and any politicians biggest goal is to get elected and\or re-elected.

    We won't all agree on what we value and we sure as heck won't agree on where they fall on our priority list.  But here is the thing, we need to figure out early on what is truly of value and be willing to go to the mat for the candidates that have a track history of supporting that value.  If you value limited government then find a candidate that has worked to make that happen (look to Governers).  If you value controling government spending then find candidates that have actually cut government spending.  Constitutional rights, same thing.  Social issues, same thing.  We, who are opposed to run away government spending and government overreach, need to find and promote candidates that support the same.

     I for one am willing to support candidates that others have vetted if they have proof of the track record.  I struggle to listen to all the talking heads and all the campaign spewed BS.  I will put dollars and energy into actual reformers and leaders.  I won't throw money down the hottest new thing rabbit hole just to go along with the crowd.  I will do my own vetting the best that I can and I would rest your help in pointing out good possibles.

    We won't change this country by allowing the same career criminal back into office just because they are part of the two party machine.  We have the ability to change the process and our opportunity is before the primaries and in the primaries.  After that we are back to the lesser of two evils, which hasn't worked out for us so far.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Been Busy

         I have a new position and I have been too busy to spend anytime researching and following the news.  I hate it, but having a job is not a bad thing because it allows me to take care of a great many things.  With Tax Day upon us, it does remind me of how damn wasteful our government is and how easily they pick my pocket to give it to people I don't know. It is very likely that those people do not work the 50-60 hours a week that I do to make those precious dollars and we all know we have near zero say in how our elected officials choose to waste those hard earned dollars. I willing give to charity to help support the less fortunate in this world, but I hate being forced to watch as my hard earned dollars are thrown away or pocketed by greedy politicians.

       I hope you will join me in post work day beverage and toast our ability to pay for the right and privledge to live in this great country.  Then vow to make America better by doing something to change the way business is run in Washington. Join the Convention of States in their call for a Constitutional Convention, help support the removal of a corrupt incumbant Representative, or donate to a worthy cause.  We are the only ones that can change this country for the better and time is running out.  You think the financial collapse of 2008 was bad, wait to you see what is coming if we don't do something right now to curb our national debt and spendthrift ways.

Happy Tax Day to one and all, now go make a real difference.