Monday, July 15, 2013

Perception is not always reality .....

“Perception is the one single variable that precludes any rational thought.” — Beliefs are not facts, emotion isn’t reason, opinion is only accurate for the individual it belongs to. While it is possible that one can present his/her argument passionately – to arbitrarily ignore articulated/available SUPERIOR evidence is intellectually dishonest and a blatant disregard for the inconvenient TRUTH. The phrase ‘inconvenient truth’ seems to raise its ugly little head more often in this day and age. Sadly this seems to perpetuate itself and start in the offices of elected and moreover, ‘appointed’ bureaucrats who really believe their opinion or belief is so much more accurate than the common man. ‘We the people’ have little working knowledge to these superior elites and could not possibly comprehend or understand the basic thought processes that embrace all these complex statues, laws, and rules. The elites have a ‘know-it-all’ complex they really need to fix.

What you will not hear coming out of this view from the elites is the potential for false/wrongful allegation charges that should go all the way to the bar or other appropriate jurisdiction to correct the malfeasance they have created. It appears to me by the very nature of the adversarial & derisive environment that presently exists in our society the deck is most often stacked against the ‘accused’ from the outset — pushed by an agenda driven group or organization, even the government. Justice is blind – supposedly. It is supposed to be blind to color, race, and creed. Justice is supposed to address a wrong, regardless if it was a mistake or on purpose. Statute mining is the very PREMISE for litigation in today’s society and the majority of the common man see this, realize it, but tend to look the other way unless it specifically involves us personally. A spot-on rebuttal using the LAW as opposed to prima facie evidence of law will reign superior, until it is overwhelmed by belief and emotion that side with ‘street justice’ and not lawful actual justice, because the end results ‘feel right’

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