Saturday, June 1, 2013

“Gun Control” as a microcosm of societies denigration?

It used to be a cop had a weapon when necessary! Now the weapon has the cop!! Too often today the weapon is a law enforcement officer’s first resort and so much more than a tool to "protect themselves" the police use that weapon since its "condoned by the courts" in omnipotence to control the public.

Indeed, the over emphasis on the policy of "officer safety" is a problem with most law enforcement training programs. After all, the police have volunteered, have been well trained, generally over paid, have lavish benefits and the waiting lists to get on police departments is often years long. It follows then, that when there is a questionable situation it the law enforcement officer who should assume the risk - not the citizen. Risk is part of the program - not so with a civilian.

That said, the problem with guns and violence goes much deeper.

Our Founding Fathers understood that the private ownership of firearms might give pause to a government considering tyranny and therefore wrote the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, the courts and politicians have “interpreted” the Constitution and twisted it to reflect popular opinion and political expediency. It no longer protects its citizens from a government with a rabid thirst for spending & power or from the popular whimsies of the progressive majority who believe that opinion polls should govern a nation - not the Constitution.

From the very beginning of our nation until around 1968 there was very little in the way of gun control. Firearms, unlocked and often loaded, hung over fireplace mantels and stood in corners of tens of thousands of homes across the nation. Firearms could be purchased by anyone through the mail. There were no background checks or waiting periods. Children were taught to shoot, practice gun safety and act responsibly at an early age. Guess what? Some schools even had shooting teams and guns were often brought to school and fired there.

So what has changed? How did guns become evil? How did these inanimate objects turn so many of our youth into twisted and tortured souls since the advent of “Gun Control”?

Could it be it wasn’t the weapons at all? Could it be our youth and our society as a whole is actually effected by the immoral garbage Hollywood turns out and calls entertainment? Might there be a link to the thousands of ultra-violent video games children start playing at an ever younger age? Is it not possible there is damage being done by the soulless, mindless and violent noise that passes for “music” nowadays? Aren’t we, as a society, made less honorable, by electing those with literally no honor to lead us? Isn’t it a huge problem when raising our children is left by default to the government or strangers while parents pursue a bigger home, a flashier car, more prestige or their own personal “growth”? Isn’t it sad that we have chased God into the shadows of our society, while promoting condoms in school and parading homosexual sex on the streets of San Francisco?

Isn’t it a shame & a pity that our “wonderful robust economy” doesn’t provide the same standard of living it did 40 years ago when one working-class parent went to work to earn what it now takes two incomes to accomplish? Why do we listen to groups who think being a mother is a “waste” of valuable time? Haven’t we destroyed & decimated our respect for life by the very way so many people choose to live in this day and age? Has personal responsibility become so ‘old-fashioned’ that the current state of our society totally ignores it? Do we embrace any ‘values’ today that withstood the test of time for our parents, grandparents, and beyond?

Why don’t we as a nation find it hypocritical beyond reproach that the “Hollywood elite” shove sex, gratuitous violence and moral poverty down our throats consistently and then turn around and scream they’re protected by the First Amendment? In their very next breath they denounce & trounce the Second Amendment as meaningless and outdated?

It is certainly worth considering the effect that drugs have, both illegal and prescribed, when given to our children to take & alter or control their minds? Is the popular belief that morality is subjective -“free floating” and “If it feels good, do it.” - A good example for our children? Is part of the problem that we attempt teach children to have self-esteem without actually having to do something (or anything) to earn it? Could all the society “experts” be wrong and maybe discipline in the home is not such a bad thing after all? Maybe there is more to parenting problem teenagers than simply tossing iPads and car keys at them? Are all the Federal programs that have become invasive in our schools actually about education or are they, perhaps, indoctrination? Finally and to the point, is it a healthy thing to encourage any lifestyles that satisfy the body, yet starve the spirit & soul?

None of these things matter you say in the grand scheme of life. Besides, these issues are far too arduous & difficult with the solutions much too time consuming to tinker. More laws & regulations, now there’s the answer! More Government. Besides it’s so much easier to restrain the freedom of the people than to teach free people self-restraint & personal values.

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