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WIC is not an infant food program, it's Women In Combat.

Retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, the former head of the U.S. Special Forces Command, says infantry and other front-line units are no place for women, and it has nothing to do with their courage or capabilities: I agree with LT. GEN. Boykin –men & woman have the ability to serve side by side in service, be it law enforcement or the military in a moderate number of situations. How other countries run and train their military should in no way determine how the U.S. runs its military. Leaders of the world's most powerful and effective fighting force, the U.S. military, don't need to listen to media activists recommending that we become a larger version of the Canadian military.  I believe the reality of this decision is a sign that our troops are not getting enough qualified enlistments, are fed up with multiple rotations, are currently dealing with increased effects of fellow soldier suicides, have increased pressures of family break ups, have increased financial pressures to include higher than normal bankruptcy rates, and the list goes on ad infinitum. US MARINES BOOT CAMP and the Special Forces boot camp are different in a multitude of ways from standard initial training for all the services with regards to recruits. All of this posturing and all of the opinions are sadly being made in what amounts to a peace time planning situation.

"The people making this decision are doing so as part of another social experiment, and they have never lived nor fought with an infantry or Special Forces unit," Boykin said in a statement released by the conservative Family Research Council, for whom he now works. "These units have the mission of closing with and destroying the enemy, sometimes in close hand-to-hand combat. They are often in sustained operations for extended periods, during which they have no base of operations or facilities. Their living conditions are primal in many situations with no privacy for personal hygiene or normal functions." Integrating the genders in direct-combat situations "places additional and unnecessary burdens on leaders at all levels," Boykin said. "While their focus must remain on winning the battles and protecting their troops, they will now have the distraction of having to provide some separation of the genders during fast moving and deadly situations.

 When we introduce sex into the equation everything changes now we finally come to the crux of the main problem - human nature. A certain amount of sexual tension exists in an office environment, especially one filled with young adults of both sexes. However, workers are only together eight hours a day, five days a week, and most of the time; they're working alone, on their own tasks. Even in this environment, two lovers, especially if they aren't getting along, or if one of them is a manager, can be distracting, create problems for upper management, and reduce the productivity or effectiveness of an office. Multiply the sexual tension several-fold for a war overseas, where young soldiers are away from loved ones for long periods of time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working or even sleeping together as a team in a much more stressful environment.

It's not necessary for the physical & logistical makeup of the U.S. military to be representative of the population and a military career is not a "right, actually far from it. The military must hire and train with the understanding that the next war may have to be fought much differently than the last war - World War II was a different type of war from the Vietnam War (long guerrilla war), which was different from the first Gulf War, just for example. At some point in the future, we may face another war similar in logistics & scope to World War II. Many rules and standards that seem to work in relatively short wars, where the U.S. faces a much weaker foe militarily, may cause problems in a different type of war.

Similarly, policies that can be made to work in a peacetime or a training environment may not work very well at all on the battlefield - Liberal journalists applaud mixed male-female units, but in a long-term, evenly fought, intense war, will the time, manpower, and money needed to enforce policies regarding sex, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women and mixed male-female units help or hurt a d erode our effectiveness?

Now to include women will force the SOP and command structure to address a myriad of factors not the least of which - the entire structure has NO PRIVACY what-so-ever, NO modified PT TRAINING, NO SEPARATE SHOWERS, sleeping on board ships, sleeping-eating-living in open air foxholes. In other words NO PRIVACY of any kind to speak of. Morale and unit cohesion are pooh-poohed by the left, but have historically been a very important element in military success or failure - In athletics, professional coaches understand this, and those with a basic understanding of human nature and a general knowledge of military history should also understand the importance of morale and unit cohesion. To modify a female’s physical nature to endure US MARINE BOOK CAMP or Special Forces would deform the female entirely, over extend muscle build up, require haircuts, NO MAKE UP of any kind. They would be required to run distances with the same time frame and distance as males without exception, the O courses, MEDICAL CARE in LINE UNITS do NOT have anything even close to OBGYN, CORPSMAN not trained to deal with a plethora of female issues. Have you ever crossed a swamp with green slime on the surface and then get out, buddy up and check for leeches? How is that going to work? They can enter and be in parts you can’t think of. When deployed in theatre areas ‘monthly’ can NEVER BE USED as someone else has to carry the share. Women can die more quickly to being in swamp waters with a virus a lot easier than men, and for the most part men do not worry about those issues. A TRAINING PACK and rear echelon pack is much lighter than a GRUNT PACK, then you add to that the joy of a  vest 'flak jacket that rubs nipples raw, in some cases to the point of bleeding, staying in a fighting position or bunker for days without coming out, they share the pot and again NO PRIVACY, in a tank, the crew may not get out and use the side of the road or a bush for days, so the ammo can pot has to suffice, no privacy again. GRUNTS just do not have that luxury.  Your budge rips off the clothing to get at the wound to treat the issue, silk would be dangerous because it melts under heat, hence why you go with cotton briefs. Sometimes grunts come across a stream and post guards in combat so troops can rinse off as it may have been weeks since a real bath, and yet again NO privacy.

Physical strength still matters - Some political elites and media commentators have noted that a lot of military equipment can be operated by pushing buttons and that strength tests and the lowering of physical standards for women are irrelevant & unimportant. The problem is that in a war, especially a longer, more intense war, like World War II, soldiers may have to perform tasks that they were not originally trained to do. Versatility is a desirable characteristic in a soldier. Strength can also affect speed and endurance, which are crucial on the battlefield. "If a soldier is wounded in battle...a collocated support soldier may be the only person in a position to evacuate the wounded soldier on his own back. In this environment, women do not have an equal opportunity to survive, or to help fellow soldiers survive. Lives should not be put at needless risk just to satisfy 'diversity metrics' for the career ambitions of a few."

Could a woman grab a man and slice his throat? China troops have over 200 hours in hand to hand combat techniques. US MARINES earn rankings or are not promoted – period. Pugal sticks, knife fighting - yes NO HOLDS BARRED. I could envision it now in Boot camp, and that would be the easy part. There could be no expectation that any slack is given because to offer that slack is to endanger the other marines, other troops, other team members. The average BOOT MARINE PLATOON or SF qualifiers are formed with about 60 to 70 boots. The graduation numbers vacillate quite a bit, most of the time even with men in decent shape; over half are discharged or dropped from the program. The talking bobble heads in the news media clearly have absolutely no idea.

Admittedly, this is less of a problem for peacetime troops, or in recent wars where we've had an overwhelming battlefield advantage and the engagement is considered short-term, but we don't know what the future will bring - a protracted, more evenly matched, deadlier WWII type war will bring this problem to the forefront.  The intense male bonding of a "non-sexual" nature was crucial to unit cohesion, morale and effectiveness in many past wars.  Regarding sex, what's going to happen if a leader appears to show preferential treatment to his lover? Critics will counter this is against SOP and policy therefore it should never happen – but we all know how that works out don’t we?  What if he has to pick a few soldiers for a dangerous mission - will his lover be included?  What happens to morale and cohesion if some soldiers are receiving sex on a regular basis and some are not?  This issue alone could affect a myriad of situations that we have never had to solve to this point. What if some soldiers are extremely jealous or show stalking tendencies?  What happens if a soldier is willing to literally fight for his/her love interest? Is this going to amount to what some claim will be just a distraction or in fact will it be a cascade of problems that snow ball into an avalanche?

I am sure, and confident, that ANY FEMALE can try to take the tests and post the PT, time, & numbers. MEN TRAIN FOR WAR. It’s not fun – it’s brutal, no holds barred, and NO RULES BUT FIGHT TO WIN period, even if they had to bite the nuts off the man trying to kill them. IT has absolutely no similarities to anything in the movies like it or NOT. KBAR in the GUTS and drag the KNIFE SIDE TO SIDE GUTTING the person, all the while accepting that both will be cut in knife fighting, it goes both ways. In another view as the man your fighting is begging for his life for you to back off, pausing for a split second turns the tables and he guts YOU. GRUNTS FIGHT TO WIN, to SURVIVE. IN USMC or Special Forces you EARN your right to be there, and what you do, NO ONE offers you an EASY WAY, or a free ride, YOU EARN IT, work to keep it, and understand that LIVES OF OTHERS ARE ON THE LINE and depend on your follow through. If you cannot give an order to a man, or woman in this case knowing full well they may very well  get killed or die in the process – this is NOT THE PLACE to begin to practice. IT HAPPENS, PEOPLE DIE, it’s not politically correct and it’s worse than the words written here. Accept that and understand it but PC will not keep you or the person next to you alive.

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