Sunday, January 20, 2013

Missing In Action Again

Sorry that I have once again neglected the blog, but I am having to problems with the blog. First, I am so busy with my new job that I don't have the available hours to keep up with all the news and be able to digest the BS.  Second, is related to the first and that is the fact that no mater how many calls to arms and pleas for change nothing ever changes.  We just had another increase in the debt ceiling, with such little fanfare that it shows that now that the election is over so is giving a crap about our future.  The American people have spoken and have chosen the path of destruction.  It used to be a free country and the people have spoken, so what is left to say?

I guess what I am saying is that I will keep the blog up and going, but the entries will be few and far between for now.  I will spin things up again when one of two things happen, either I find a bunch of time on my hands or the fire returns and I have more to say.  I do appreciate all those who read this blog and I do value our interactions.  If you ever want to up a line of debate or a take on a topic please post a question to this post.  I will do some study and try to answer the best I can.

I still love this country and I know that we can turn it around.  I also know that it takes winning elections and putting like minded people in office.  It also takes keeping their feet to the fire, but sadly I don't currently have the time for that task as I am working to support four generations in my family.  I feel you must do what you can always, but all things start with your family and taking care of them is priority one.  I work and support them because this economy has made life much harder for all of us.  There is much to do in this country, but for now I pass the torch to others as I have only so much to give.

I hope to hear from you all and I will answer any questions or requests the best that I can.  God Bless America and Keep Her Strong.

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