Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is It Too Late to Save the Constitutional Republic?

Is It Too Late to Save the Constitutional Republic?

I do wonder about this question because the welfare mentality is very strong and like any addiction it consumes the user more completely over time. With half our nation hooked on free government, it is going to be exceedingly hard to ween them off this powerful drug because they have no desire to stop.  They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can make a change, but I personally don't want to be a part of that.  I am not hooked on government handouts, so why should I suffer with the junkies to help them get over their government assistance jones.  I have worked hard and paid more than my fair share, so I guess that makes me an enabler to their "disease" and like the family of all junkies they suffer right along because they were not strong enough in the beginning to put a stop to the madness.

We all thought that it was okay that they helped themselves to a little government assistance because it was needed to get them over the hump or slump.  Then when is became clear that they were clearly hooked, we said we can't blame them or make them stop because it was our fault that they were hooked.  We rationalized that we didn't provide them opportunity or enough assistance to break their habit.  Then their dealers started coming around telling us to pay up or our poorest would die.  So we immediately paid up because we didn't want their deaths on our conscience, but this very act is the one that condemns them to a slow agonizing death.  The dealers kept coming around until we had mortgaged everything and sold off our own futures, but while we weren't looking the dealers had hooked even more of our poorest.

So here we are at the tipping point, the dealers are coming around again and we have nothing left but our own flesh and blood.  The question becomes are we ready for some tough love?  Are we willing to say enough is enough? Are we willing to see the junkies in treatment and see them go through withdrawal?  As we have seen in Greece it isn't a pretty picture the withdrawal from government assistance, there is crying, fighting, and burning.  There are claims that we are killing them by making them take responsibility for their own lives.  That there are no jobs for them and we are dooming them to dog food and the street.  The funny thing is that they are dooming us all to dog food and the street, if we don't fix things, but that doesn't matter that is not their problem.

I know I sound harsh and uncaring, but we need to fix things and it is going to be painful for the group that is between the 10-40% on the economic scale.  The bottom 10% is truly needy and needs the assistance to actually live.  The group from 10-40% may need some temporary assistance, but the cycle of dependency needs to be broken and they need to stand on their own at some point.  You want to know what happened to the middle class, they were declared poor and they were sucked down by the dealers.  They had a good life and they were doing okay, they knew if they worked hard good things would come to them.  Then came the dealers whispering in their ears that they couldn't cut it any more and they need a helping hand to make ends meet.

At first, it was hard to take the assistance because we were still putting food on the table and clothes on the kids backs.  Then is because easier because there were so many demands, tv's, video games, cell phones, second cars, bigger houses, and it was nice to have these things we could afford before.  We shouldn't we be just like everyone else.  It is the rich people's fault that you don't have all these things and you need to make them pay.  The dealers kept feeding you their poison and it got harder and harder to understand why you resisted in the first place.  Our memories dim to our dream of a better life for our children because this is their fate as well because the dealers tell you so.

So the cycle goes, but we do truly live in the land of opportunity and we can achieve great things if we apply hard work to our dreams.  There are people building better mouse traps each and every day, but you want to know a secret most of those mouse traps fail and their designers head back to the drawing board.  Success comes at the end of hard work and effort.  It doesn't come from sitting around playing video games or hanging out and hooking up.  It takes dreaming of something more and working to make that dream happen.  Those dreams are fogged by the drug of government assistance where the most powerful government on earth says you are never going to be anything more.

The dealers and the addicts both need tough love from the adults in this country.  We need to say enough and put our foot down and mean it.  The dealers need to be locked up for their crimes or at least booted from power.  The addicts need to we shown a better way and weened from their addiction.  Life is not fair and not everyone gets to have everything.  If you are not rich, you don't get to have everything rich people have.  The stuff rich people have is a motivator to become rich.  You get rich by working your butt off.  You start by actually paying attention in school and learning how to read and do math.  You want a better education system them make school worth something, a stepping stone to a better future.

I know because I have made it then like a smoker who quits I want everyone to quit.  Hell yeah!  Why wouldn't I?  If a poor kid from rural Maine can make it to the top, then why can't anyone else?  I didn't have any special advantage and I went from the bottom 10% to the top 10%.  I worked and sacrificed, so my kids can have a better life.  Why can't others achieve the same dream?  What is holding them back?  Especially with the internet, you can learn even if your school sucks.  You can see a better life just with a few clicks.  But, what does it take to make that happen hard work and determination.  Those two things are born out of motivation and motivation comes from not wanting to be stuck where you are for the rest of your life.

Let's give back to the 10-40% the best gift ever, MOTIVATION!

p.s Sorry this was long and rambling, but I had a lot of thoughts on the matter.  I may come back and clean it up at some point, but I am not motivated to do so right now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Declaration of Independents

Is a nice book by a couple of libertarians (Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch) that feel America can do better than we current are by allowing politics to meet the 21st century.  They talk a lot about how every other aspect of our lives has been radically changed by the new technology and people finding their own way in life.  They talk about how some very rich people had an idea and then made magic happen through hard work and belief in their dream.  They also talk about the four things that are completely ass-backwards in this country and how they are controlled by the two party system.  The first is education, where in the last 50 years we've tripled the outlay of dollars per student to achieve the same mediocre results.  Then their is medical care and health insurance, where it is impossible to get a straight answer on how much something costs and each state/lobbyist gets to dictate the tune. Then my personal favorite federal run retirement, which is a complete mess which everyone is scared to touch because it would mean making a real decision. And what to all these other three have in common the two party system, where the only goal of any politician is to get re-elected.

It is a good read and you might find out that you agree with a lot of what they say and there are things that you might not, but the bottom line is that politics as we know it is a dinosaur long past its extinction date.  People are going to come together in groups to oppose the things that piss them off and we've already seen it time and time again in the last few elections.  The old guard haven't figured it out yet and the more they deride the voters for their party disloyalty the more they will suffer the wrath of the flash-mob voter.  The will spring up where they feel their rights or tax dollars are being mishandled and once the issue has been faced down they will return to their lives.  This was very evident in the early Tea Party and the election of Scott Brown.  The fact that the Tea Party is in a low ebb is that the process is currently broken on the federal level with Mittens vs the Joker, but they are still alive and well on the local level.  They are protesting all kinds of local issues and bad politicians (just ask Orin Hatch).

The flash-mob voter will continue as long as their are issues to be dealt with and the current two parties ignore the will of the people.  We can make a difference in education, medical/health care, and retirement, but it will require getting the information out there and getting enough ticked off people to start buzzing about the possible solution before you will get critical mass to change things.  The good news it has never been easier to make that happen and it can happen at the speed of light.  Who would have thought Scott Brown would ever get elected to Teddy's old seat, but the buzzed started and bam in the blink of an eye you have a Republican Senator from MA.

I truly believe that we are going to see an anti-two party revolution after the farce that is the 2012 election.  We have a huge failure of a sitting president verse a unpopular statist flip-flopper politician, so what real choice do we truly have.  America Elect is an interesting start, but there is way too much unknown about the group.  Plus, with no candidate as of yet they aren't really going to play a role other than showing that it is possible to form a third party out of thin air in a matter of months.  It only takes money and the internet, plus a bus load of lawyers to get you on all 50 ballots.  Once we've cracked this pandora's box there will be no looking back because the flash-mob voters will become a bigger and bigger part of every future election.

Who are these flash-mob voters you ask, well I like to call them the Angry Joes & Janes of the middle that are not right or left wingers.  These are fiscal conservatives that hate the idea of the government wasting their hard earned dollars.  They are compassionate and willing to lend a had, but don't want to feel like their charity is at the end of the billy club.  They are more liberal on social issues, but only to a point and they definitely don't like being told where the point is by either side.  They go by many names, but they are all Americans through and through.  They believe in the American Dream and hard work.  They don't like the idea that people are taking advantage of them, from either end of the financial spectrum.  They are the angry middle that wants a better life for their children and would like to see them damn kids move out on their own finally and for good.

There is a mob mentality to them and sometime you wonder where they have run off to, but don't ever think that they don't exist or they won't come back.  They just get busy living life and don't have time for the constant banter of talking heads or every lie from a politician.  They will appear when needed and sometimes when the politicians least want them because they upset their criminal endeavors.  They are out there working and watching.  They will appear when the hour is darkest and the need is greatest.  The are the Angry Joes & Janes of America protectors of Freedom, Liberty, and the American Dream. God Bless Them Every One!

The Paradox of "Taxing the Rich"

The Paradox of "Taxing the Rich" e21 - Economic Policies for the 21st Century

A very interesting take on tax policy in America. If you tax something at a high rate people will run from it and put their money in something else. There is a whole industry built around minimize tax liability, so unless you close all loopholes and set a single rate you will have a hard time making people pay the maximum expected. Humans are fairly smart creatures and we will find any available loophole or sweetheart deal available to avoid paying taxes.

Do I think this is a bad thing? Not really because if you have a tax code that is 20 feet high then you deserve to loose money because you've made it way too complicated. I still advocate for a straight tax on every American and zero corporate tax. If you don't make it cost +40% more to do business in America, think how many people will move their businesses closure to the biggest consumers in the world. The states can feel free to tax the living crap out of people because they will have to suffer the consequences of this action (see New York, New Jersey, California, and the Northeast in general).

Every American should pay for the services provided by the federal government equally, since we are all equal under the law. The means that the federal government will no longer be able to shake down rich people to buy votes from the poor. It will also force them to prioritize their spending and services. I would love to pay a couple of grand a year and see a lot less in federal services. The states can then pick up the ball for all the things that people think they want from government. If you want a high amount of services and lots of government employees, then you move to one of the above mentioned states. If you prefer keeping your money and providing for you and yours then you are free to move about the country.

I absolutely hate tax day because it is a reminder of how screwed up this country has become. It is perfectly fine to punish someone for succeeding and achieving the American Dream. The media and the Democrats all believe that the money we make is the governments and that they know best how to spend it. The Republicans used to believe the money was better off with the people who earned it, but that is no longer the case. All of government, both parties alike, feel they know better how to spend your money. I say enough. I say put Uncle Sam on a diet before that fat bastard dies of a heart attack cause by excessive debt. The guy has $15 trillion of fat clogging his arteries and he keeps shoveling it in. Before too long, his body is going to collapse under the weight of all that debt.

Lets put Uncle Sam on the Paleo Diet, where he only get meat and veggies. The sugar and salt are removed and no more cupcakes for the fat man. We force him back to the beginning of this country and he can no long gorge himself on the high fat and carbohydrates of the rich. They labored long and hard for their piece of the pie, so stay away fat man. I know this is anti-fat and I apologize, but the dude seriously needs to go one diet. Come on America help the morbidly obese Uncle Sam become lean and mean again. Help him by not letting him helping himself to our hot pockets of cash.

It is time to starve the beast that is our government. Today is the today, we cannot weight a second longer.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Manufactured Crisis

Articles: Obama Circle 'Shaking with Laughter' Over Hilary Rosen Distraction

I have said it here several times that the 24/7 news cycle manufactures a new crisis almost on a daily basis to get ratings, viewers, and advertising dollars, but at what cost to the public. It is far easier to play up the faux rage over the Rosen comment than deal with the $15 trillion debt. It is far easier to stoke the fires of racial hatred than deal with the $1 trillion annual deficit. If is far easier to worry about which celebrity is putting it to another celebrity, than deal with an over reaching federal government that daily steals our freedom.

The Joker is a master of using the media to distract the sheep from the horrors of Washington and the ineptitude of his leadership. He can not point to one economic bright spot, so he has the media generate a tempest in a tea cup over some leftist accusing of mother of five of not working a day in her life. Really, I don't know one person in America that would actually believe that statement in a million years, but that has been the hottest thing since sliced bread for almost a week. Is this really news? Is this the most important thing happening in America this week?

Have we had a federal budget in three plus years? Are we once again closing in on our $15 trillion debt cap? Are we borrowing a trillion dollars a year to pay to keep our government going? Is that ponzy scheme of social security going to run dry in the next decade? Is grandma going to enslave her grandkids to the federal government? Is our government completely outside its Constitutional limits and driving ever further in that direction? Is the Supreme Court finally going to stand up to Congress and the President and strike down the commerce clause excuse for forcing American to do anything they dream up?

These issue are huge, but they aren't flashy (or in the case of some celebrities flashing). We need to stop sitting on the couch and allowing the propaganda machine to feed us like the birds regurgitating fish to their helpless chicks. We need to get up and get going. America wouldn't be nearly as fat if it did more than sit on the couch feasting on the BS of the day. Go take a walk, talk to your neighbors, join a book club, attend a rally for freedom, or grow something. Maybe we can turn this country around, but we won't do it by allowing ourselves to be distracted by the liar and chief and we should know more about the Constitution, than the underwear wearing habits of hollywood.

Make a difference, do something, and be a hero.

What the Frack?

Fracking Vindicated

EPA is rolling back the hysteria over fracking and America could actually be on its way to energy independence. I might be celebrating too soon, but with a change in the WH and Senate in November we could actually make strides towards the white whale of energy independence. The left has tried everything in its power to force this country back to the stone age, but we innovative Americans keep finding ways to do things better and not even harm the environment.

It didn't take billion dollar handouts to find a new way to get more gas out of the ground, but rather a robust market place. It is true that utilities had cooled to the idea of gas power production because of the rise in prices, but now with the new technique and cheaper prices all other forms of energy production are paling in comparison. I don't advocate putting all our energy eggs in one basket because that would be silly, but it does mean taking a hard look at the all of the above strategy and tax dollars spent on unproven technologies.

I love nuclear power and it is a zero emitter of CO2 (just in case I am wrong about the fact that the sun is the major contributor to global temperature changes), but it is really expensive to build and the current regulations result in a lot of left over materials just hanging around. I think wind and solar are great, but I don't think the government should be pouring billions of dollars into companies just because it sounds good and buys votes on the left. If gas is going to be the wavy of the future and will remain cheap for the next couple hundred years then lets take advantage of that time to develop viable alternatives to everything that can make it in the market place without huge subsidies from Uncle Sam.

Coal can be modified (gasified) to work like natural gas, so just in case the estimates are off on how much and how long gas will be king. We can shift a lot of things to natural gas like ethanol used to blend with our gasoline. We can use NG in our vehicles and in our homes. We can and will build more power plants, that will replace old and higher polluting coal plants. We will find ways to use NG to produce the petroleum products we use or with the greatly reduced demand for oil to fuel stuff, we might be able to become independent of foreign oil sources. In case you didn't know, America produces a lot of oil daily, but since our demand is sky high we import a huge amount to meet that demand.

We stand at a crossroads of energy independence and we can put on our big boy and girl pants and plan what the energy future is going to be and make smart decisions about what we are going to do. Or we can whine and complain that it doesn't go far enough and that anything we do needs to cause zero impact on the world. We can say that we should all live in caves and die in the cold because burning wood or manure to heat our homes would release too much gas for the eco-nuts. We have been blessed once again by smart guys finding a better way and given an opportunity to do something great, but it will take a strong will to over come the bias and whining. We are America and we have once again been blessed, so what will it be energy independence or death.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can Government Do Anything Well?

Can Government Do Anything Well?

It is a message of hope that says no governments do not solve the people's problem, but rather people solve their problem through new ideas and working together. Government is not the solution, but rather a money wasting hindrance. I wonder what would have happened if medicare and social security would never have been created as instruments of the state? Would we have some solvent system now? Would people be taking care of themselves through better planning or helping each other? We will never know because our benevolent know better than you have sent this country on a path to fiscal ruin with the continually mounting debt. Yeah us.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Articles: Bigotry's Permanent Appeal

Articles: Bigotry's Permanent Appeal

I striking article and a nation that now finds it okay to attack Christians at will and whites along with them. It is funny how easy it is to hate, but I guess it is part of our most base selves because no matter how educated or refined we become there is always some group that we look down our noses at as being inferior. It happens the world over and it can be subtle or it can be ethnic cleaning of entire groups of people. Humans are not that far removed from killing each other with clubs, so don't let yourself be fooled into believing you are smarter or better than anyone else because you are just one mistake or political whim away from genocide.