Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fiscal Cliff: Negotiation Failure could be the Best Option

Fiscal Cliff: Negotiation Failure could be the Best Option

The clock is running down and the two sides couldn't be further apart.  In the end we will get some weak resolution that cuts nothing and raises taxes.  The current crop in Washington don't have the stones for real change, so they we parade around the news all month and then basically do nothing and then proclaim victory before New Year.

The real result is that deficit spending will continue at $1T a year rate until the whole mess collapses down around them.  The good news is that the current occupant of the WH will enjoy the fruits of his labors in full measure.  I didn't think that it would have been any different under Romney and said as much here several times.

We have no one in Washington that was to actually reduce spending for fear of special interest backlash.  Fine, this is the hand we have been dealt and we need to prepare for the result.  Our economy is going to implode as our ability to service our debt becomes impossible, either through higher interest rates or continued deficit spending.

I think is will be the higher interest rates as the world wises up to the fact we have zero intention of paying a dime of it back.  It is good that the implosion happens on the Joker's watch with his buddy Reid in the Senate because when the fiscal conservatives make their move no one will be listening to the guys that were leading us into this mess and did nothing to stop it.

We need heroes of fiscally conservative polices that show us there is a better way then spending our selves into bondage.  We need to show government austerity can turn this nation around.  We could follow the Chile model for Social Security, smaller government which results in small government spending, and remove centralized unresponsive government. The money comes from the people and short make the shortest trip back to the people.

We don't need the feds involved in education.  We don't need huge wasteful organizations who sole mission has proven an utter failure, DoE.  We need to prioritize the activities of our federal and state governments to provide use the correct services they are responsible for and not use Washington as a money laundering operation.  I don't need 10,000 people in Washington tell my local teacher what they need to teach.  That is why we have an elected school board and parents.

Reliance on foreign oil has only grown while under the watchful eye of the DoE and they way out came from companies looking to make more money via new methods of energy extraction.  So why do we need a huge government agency, which is an utter failure involved at all?

Don't worry no matter what happens this month, we will run skipping and singing over the fiscal cliff because he are already over it and head to the ground.  This is just a merry little skit to fool the people into thinking the Clowns in Washington can fix it.  Prepare yourselves for the future, payoff personal debt, put your house in order, and protect what is your own.  The puppet show in Washington is a distraction as we fall into the abyss of debt.  There are still things we can do, but most importantly is take care of our families and get rid of our own debt.  It is going to get very ugly before it gets better (see 1929-1939).

Good luck and God bless.

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