Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where do 'We the People' Stand?

All right, the Elections are over & completed as it applies to ‘we the people’ and now the question becomes are we as a Nation any better off because of the choices we’ve collectively made? Have we managed to advance our country and improve our standing in our part of the country or the world? Are we going to improve in a direction that hardworking, honest, diligent people will have their lives improve on a daily basis? Have we reached the stage that we’re willing to answer the hard questions about how we self-govern? 

History says that BHO will continue Rule by Decree as usual without restraint; Congress will do nothing to reverse those decrees (EO's) yet may attempt to give the American people the appearance that they are trying to rein in the madness. In the long run the American citizens will suffer maliciously at the hands of their chosen government for another several years. There is a belief that because this was the last election for BHO all the restraints are off. He speaks of revenge in his campaign against people who do not align with him. It is surprising that an elected official would choose to speak about some citizens in the country he was just re-elected to represent in that way. If memory serves, bullies act and speak that way … Do we really have to fear that the elected leader of our country intentionally wants to extract revenge on some citizens?

Recent history shows us a glaring fact … The United States of American is fractured along partisan ideological lines with diametrically opposed views. That outlook is accurate and difficult to dispute. Many people have taken their political identity and ideology to a level of belief rather than opinion. This entrenches those people’s thoughts and ideas into a much narrower path and reduces any potential for commonality. To seek a lowest common denominator in this vast sea of extreme polar positions becomes almost impossible. This appears to be much worse than a newly divorced couple trying to agree on anything, even if their lives depend on it. It seems that we, as a country, are unable to even agree on the color green which is a very true but very sad statement.

History tells us we can brace for more and higher unemployment, smaller Paychecks due to higher taxes, and the initial stages of hyperinflation due to the Federal Reserve’s unrestrained "Quantitative Easing". We The People will now begin to see what the consequences of our choices will produce when it comes to electing individuals who are supposed to "Represent" US, but make the conscious decision to decide to represent corporations and big government because they want to enrich and elevate themselves above the common man and turn a blind eye toward the people over whom they have been chosen to ‘RULE’ rather than represent, and vote according to the Constitution. We have only ourselves to blame for NOT properly vetting the Candidates and eschewing the political elites to rally behind an honest, forthright human being.

We all too often listened to the Lies and mistruths of the Media, who propagate the messages of those who direct them. There is NO Real Journalism that exists in this country any more, only Opinion and Propaganda, yet WE refuse to hold them accountable in any form or fashion. We, as a nation, have abrogated our responsibility to watch closely and review those individuals chosen to ‘serve the people.’ The standard for public service has ceased to exist. One can lie, cheat, steal, ignore, and abuse the very citizens you’re elected to represent just as long as you provide those citizens with the comfort they crave.

There are many among us who have gone the extra mile to bring salient facts and education to the masses. The Policies whose titles state one thing but the content carries an entirely different message. We appear to have forgotten that words mean something and most often retain a true definition throughout time. Our founding fathers spent an enormous amount of time ‘word-smithing’ the founding documents … The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Pledge of Allegiance. Why are there so many today willing to believe that those words, as written, have somehow evolved of changed meaning in a little over two hundred years? We were, and should be, a people of character. Stealing has always been stealing despite centuries of time. Have these words … “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union …” changed in how we see them? 

Some in and amongst us have lost their will to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.  Some have made the decision to walk away from personal choices and freedom in order to embrace cradle to grave hand holding from a bureaucracy. Personal responsibility is almost as common as black and white movies. Rules that numerous generations grew up with have fallen by the wayside, dusty and unrepeated for years. Dependency is a growing social illness that appears to have no boundaries and governments so eager to propagate this illness, contain the masses, and garner additional power as a result. Our founding fathers had enough foresight to warn us about this foreboding consequence. Sadly, just like a pre-teen child, we’ve decided that we know better and shun any advice we may benefit from.  Many look to other nations around the world and believe that Lady Liberty and the United States should alter her over two-hundred year course to pursue a more common path, a more diverse path, a more worldly path …  We have been separated by dozens of generations to King George and we’ve chosen to forget hard lessons learned in the past. The current thinking seems to be that we have advanced far beyond anything expected or perceived and oppressive rule such as existed in the 1700’s could never happen now. If only that were accurate …..

We desperately need to return to self-sufficiency, as individuals and as a nation. We need to embrace our fortitude, courage, honor, values, character, morality, honesty, and standards that made our country a nation so long ago. One positive step in the right direction each day is a beginning. Will we falter – maybe – no one is perfect BUT where there is a will, there is a way. Many reflect on the founders and seek strength in their resilience and perseverance to stay the course. If they were capable of succeeding, we should be able to follow in those footsteps. Never forget that public service was ORIGINALLY to serve the people and was never meant to co-opt power and authority OVER the people. The political elites do not believe this, but the PEOPLE hold the ultimate authority over themselves and THAT has never been delegated away to a chosen few. American citizens have never been, are not now, and will never be political servants. Educate ourselves, educate our friends and family, and educate any willing person you run across.

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