Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama is Number One

That is on the list of worst Presidents of the United States, the only guy thanking him for his auspicious rise to the top is the former number one, Jimmy Carter. Shortages with talks of fair shares, while neither are subject to their misdeeds are the hallmarks of a President out of touch with America.  They both were swept into office after years of Republican stupidity and now hopefully Obama like his predecessor will be swept right back out.

The American people want to work and they want to feel good about themselves.  They don't want to be told that while losing their shirts, they aren't doing enough so the government needs everything else.  Most Americans like to think that they are middle class and above, which most are, and that a brighter future awaits them and their kids if they continue to work hard.  Carter & Obama both doused that hope with their cries for higher taxes and greater government involvement in our lives.  Reagan understood and restored the thought that there was hope in America and the American Dream is still alive and well.

Tuesday we have the opportunity to throw another failed president on the trash heap of history.  We have the opportunity to reinvigorate the American Dream and to put our fiscal house in order.  It will require sacrifice of each and every American, but this country is worth it and so are our kids.  We need to cut the government to the bone and put an end to government PEZ dispenser. We need to take care of those that truly need it and allow those who can to take care of themselves.  We all need to pull our own weight no matter how considerable that may be.

One more for the trash heap and one giant leap for the American Dream. 

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