Sunday, November 4, 2012

Don't Get Out the Vote

Very good take on why anyone voting should be informed and not just some moron that can make it to the booth.  Keep turnout out small and see real change in government.  Having to actually represent the people that pay taxes and work hard to make this country great.  The moron vote is leading this country to ruin, with their high school popularity contests of who promises to give us more.

We need to grow up and take voting seriously, do your damn homework and make a serious effort to know what you are voting for in this election.  Arizona does a very good job of informing the voters on each box on the ballot, so people can make informed decisions if they want to.  It took my wife and I about 2.5 hours to fill in our ballot last weekend.  Even then we could have spent more time searching for information on some of the candidates, but we felt that if they weren't accessible then they really didn't need to be in office.

I encourage everyone to vote, but only do so once you are informed and know what you are voting for otherwise sit on your sofa and what the returns.  Let the people who do their homework take care of things, just like back in high school.

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