Saturday, November 3, 2012

Being Wrong

I don't mind being wrong about Romney for the right reasons.  I don't like that he isn't a strong fiscal conservative, but I would love to be proven wrong on this topic when he is President.  I have never truly liked or supported Mitt Romney because I didn't think he could be trusted to shrink government spending and restore fiscal sanity.  His choice of running mate was a bold one and could have been a huge disaster, but he willingly took a shot on fiscal reformer.  Say what you want about the Ryan Plan not doing enough, but at least he has a plan.

I want President Romney to prove me wrong about him not being able to turn this country around and fix the mess in Washington.  I said it only yesterday that we Americans can take our medicine to fix this mess, if we see positive results.  Look at Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Ohio, see what good leadership is doing to counter the Democrats steaming pile.  I do hope that three years from now our nation has come to fiscal sanity and the swamp has been drained.

I want to be wrong about needing a third party, but on this one I still believe a new party will rise out of the Angry Middle because it is time for serious change.  I want to be proven wrong that Congress has the stones to fix spending and the National Debt.  That they are willing not only to touch third rails, but rip them up and start a fresh.  I don't think President Romney is going to be able fix this mess alone, so Congress needs to get serious about fixing our debt mess and our wasteful spending.  They are going to have to put an end to empty promises and actually make cuts.

Each election year is an opportunity for change and this maybe one of the biggest in this country's history.  As we look back on Jimmy Carter, we see a failed Presidency with burnout hulks of what could have been.  Reagan restored this country and made it work again. Bush & Clinton years were partisan volleyball, which each gaining power only to blow it with crony payoffs and looking the other way.  With Obama the cycle has started again.  I want to be proven wrong and lets hope Romney leads this country back from the brink like Reagan did.  He isn't Reagan, but he is smart and talented, plus his name starts with R, which is a start.

Update - I just read an article by Mr. Charles Krauthammer that sees Romney/Ryan hopefully turning the country back to Reagan after this brief period of hyper-liberialism.  So apparently I am not the only one that hope to be proven wrong about Romney and sees a Reagan like opportunity in the next couple of years.

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