Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tough Year

I have to apologize for not producing my usual volume of original material or mining of good articles.  As life would have it, I have been busy finding a new job because of my current one is quickly coming to an end.  It was somewhat of a surprise, but the bad news is that there are very few jobs out there for a Nuclear Project Manager.  It looks like it is going to take a trip across country to SC to find a job.  The boss is not happy to be leaving the desert, but she understands that we need me to work and I have to go to where the work it.

This fall really hasn't changed my opinion on the Presidential race because I absolutely what the Joker out, but Mittens is a poor substitute for a true finical conservative.  He is probably the worse kind of "conservative", he is conservative on social issues, while believing in big government solutions are the answer.  I would love to support Gov. Johnson with my vote in November and I still might, but not at risking four more with the Joker.

I have absolutely hated this election cycle because their should have been strong fiscally conservative candidates willing to run, but if there were they were run off by the far right because of social issues or just plain poor campaigning.  I would love to see a new party made up of fiscal conservatives like Huntsman, Johnson, and Christie.  These guys all have negatives when you look at them using the social mior, but they understand the party is over and all the other people's money has been spent.

What are we to do now that we have a solidly crappy choice at the top of the ticket and several down ticket for the Senate and House.  We have to continue to work hard to get as many fiscally conservative  candidates elected and let the other chips fall where they may.  I stinks that with our country on the verge of collapse, this is the best crop of candidates we could field.  It is truly depressing and are we really better off than we were four years ago?  How about twelve years ago?  We have had poor fiscally leadership for over a decade and it is the fault of both major parties.

We need change and a real choice on how to fix this mess, so we will have to wait another two years and another four years to fix the White House.  Make sure that you get the word out on your dissatisfaction with the crap the parties are shoveling our way.  We need to force better choices out of both parties or support an upstart third party.  I say weather the crap of this cycle and start preparing the way for the next.  You need to start early and get on the ballot in all 50 states, which will take serious time and money because the parties won't give up easily.  For the first time in history we have the ability to have a truly grassroots party that reflects the concerns of the people vice the ambitions of the career criminals in Washington.

We need a new choice and we need to start working now to make sure we are ready in 2014 and 2016.

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  1. I share your frustration with the political scene and the compllete lack of quality candidates.

    America is a vast melting pot of ideas and nationalities. Some good and some not so good, even bad. But it is as it is, as far as that goes. It is certain to continue to be so for as long as we are a nation.

    In my never humble opinion what America needs are candidates (and a party) that are/is fiscally responsible as well as conservative, and socially libertarian in philosophy. The electorate needs to educate itself on exactly what that means to THEM individually and understand how and why electing such candidates is in their best self interest, as well as their nations.

    I obviously won't be holding my breath as this quite likely won't happen anytime soon. However, I'll be voting my principles and casting my vote for Gary Johnson, as well some of my family members are leaning in that direction.

    I believe we can suffer another four more years of Obama because I firmly am convinced under Romney it won't be appreciably better, if at all. Pat of me is screaming that it in fact might be much worse for individual liberty with the New Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty of America in control.

    That's how I see it anyway and I'll be sticking to those convictions.

    On a personal note, I am very sorry to hear the bad news. I lost my job at 60 in June. You are right, the job market, while very slightly improving in my area is till is not good. A man in your line of work is certainly much more difficult I imagine.

    Good luck in your search. It is just too bad you will have to uproot and move. At my age, and my wife is 65 and retired, moving is not an option for me.

    Good luck and do let me know how you make out.