Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taxes Paid

I have always hated the class warfare of the federal tax scheme, regardless of where I was on the scale.  I believe in a straight tax that is the same for each and every American citizen regardless of their success or lack of it.  It also means that the poor will pay taxes and have skin in the game of federal overreach.  If the feds feel they don't have enough they could attempt to raise taxes, but that would hurt the poorest of us the most, this used to be the check on out of control spending.  Failure to have this check on their spending the feds have been on a spending spree without restraint.

They use class warfare to hide their criminal activities and a majority of Americans let them because it used to be other people's money they were wasting, but that isn't the case any longer.  It current feeling in Washington is that every dime you earn through your hard work and dedication is not yours because you didn't build that.  They promise to make it all fair by taking from the "rich" and giving it to the hard working poor that have been screwed by the corporations.  This is the current BS that both parties shovel because it keeps them in power because government knows best, this is a LIE!  We the People know best and we need to take back this country.

I have agree with my libertarian friends at RationalNation that we have to support people other than the Joker and Mittens.  We have to be vocal and convince as many people we can that there is another choice.  We will all have to choose as we feel best on November 6th, but up to that point we need to work to inform and educate as many as we can on the failures of the two major parties to fix America's problems through their lies and attacks.  We need to show them that there is another choice and Gary Johnson is that choice.  We need to start the awakening the middle to the possibility of a fiscally conservative, limited government that is based on the Constitution, that believes in a strong national defense, but believes we know how to run out lives.

Gary Johnson for President!

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