Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something to think about!

I tale of gloom for the future that starts right here and now with the November election.  There is rumbling in the news about a drop in our credit rating, which gets the snowball rolling.  Pretty soon we will be borrowing every dollar we spend and all revenue will be going to service our skyrocketing debt.  I have said here a few months back that unless we fix government spending we are doomed to become a banana republic where our money isn't worth the paper it is printed on.


  1. I agree with every paragraph of the American Thinker Article.

    Having said that, the problems began back in the 80's with supply side economics. Even given the property the debt continued to rise and with the housing and financial market collapsing in Bushes final year and Obama's record spending the stage is set for America's economic collapse.

    Obama will spend us into insolvency as will Romney. The only difference is in how each will spend the money.

    I'll vote Gary Johnson, the governor who vetoed 750 bills while governing NM, balanced the states budget, and restored fiscal sanity and prosperity.

    A protest vote, YES! One based on rati0onal considerations, YES! Is it time to stand up and vote outside the box of rEpublican and dEmocrat hyperbole and platitudes, YES!

    If the result is another 4 for Obamier I can live with that. Because 4 with Mittens may be as bad or worse. Fascism is gaining ground in the rEpublican mentality and Romney is at he head of the charge. To which I say no thanks as well.

  2. I prefer Romney and will vote for him. But I agree with RN on some of this.

    I don't agree that Romney is a fascist. This is because he is promising to reduce the role of the ruling elites in our lives. And he is proud he opposed the auto bailout, which was nothing but another fascist crony-capitalist intervention in the free market that was totally unnecessary.

    But. who in the world believes thar Romney is going to do the sane thing in his first budget year and cut $1.5 trillion in waste spending, which is the only responsible thing to do? Not me.