Friday, August 17, 2012

Who Do You Side With On the Issues?

Try this short quiz to see which 2012 presidential candidate you side with... Here are my results...

This was very interesting and I fell where I thought I would on the scale of libertarian/republican/democrat.  I most closely side with Johnson and would love to see a libertarian in the White House, but I will have to wait four more years for that dream of having a chance of happening.  This election is about ejecting the Joker from the White House and a vote for Johnson is not going to help that cause.

I think there will be a time in the very near future where a third party with a libertarian (fiscally conservative/small government/socially neutral) candidate will give the big boys a run for their money, but sadly it isn't 2012.  I do see further frustration with the Republicans once they win in November because they are still big government supporters.  Ryan and his plan are going to win this election for Mittens, but the failure to enact real change is going to be the Republican downfall.

Lets be truly honest, the Republicans have no intention of becoming fiscally responsible and can forget about fiscally conservative in the next few years.  They will say fixing government spending is too hard and it would hurt the economy.  They think they would find shelter in being compassionate, but what they fail to realize is the voters that are working their asses off to stay about water are going to punish them for not fixing the issue.  The voters are sick and tired of business as usual in Washington and unless Mittens & Ryan come with the guns a blazing on change and reform and actually get some the Republicans are finished as a party.

Christie is on the hairy edge because people are seeing change in NJ, but they are also seeing negative employment numbers which is not a good thing.  You have a conservative in VA turning that state around, so they is hope on the state level.  The mess in Washington is going to doom the party nationally and open the door to a new party of fiscally conservatives that could give a rat's ass less about the touchstone issues of the left and right wings.  They people want to work and live the American Dream that the parties have both done so much to destroy over the last decade plus.

I love Johnson and his libertarian ways, but I hate the Joker more so hello Romney/Ryan in 2012.  I am still holding out for a true fiscal conservative hero in 2016, but I will take anyone but the Joker.


  1. It seems that way for now, but change is coming just too slowly for my taste.