Friday, July 6, 2012

Take Off the Gloves, Mitt

Take Off the Gloves, Mitt

Maybe Mittens needs to become the Romnator and take it to the Joker, but we all know that Romney is the play it safe politician that is afraid to rock the boat.  That is not what this country needs and will likely cost him the election because the squishy middle won't see any need to vote for him and they are the ones that swing victory a candidates way.  Hell Mitt has serious problems with base Republicans, so how can he be expected to garner huge portions of the middle that he will need to win.  He has offered up nothing of substance in months and has had opportunities a plenty to show the Joker for the fool he is, but he has taken a pass.  He would rather play prevent defense, but you can only do that if you are winning and Gov. Romney that you are not.

It is time for a solid message that people can rally around.  Hell I would even take VP Christie if it meant a clear message of fiscal conservative plans and head knocking.  We need a clear message of fiscal policy change and the willingness to disregard the next election to touch those third rails.  The funny thing is that people know that those third rails need to be touched and will be scared at first, but much like Walker and public unions when they see the positive results all is forgiven.  Everyone worries that America is too stupid and afraid to touch Social Security, but we all know that it won't be there for anyone under the age of 50 anyway, so do something about it.  The same goes for Medicare and just about every other sacred cow.  Either you are fixing the problem or you are a part of the problem, but either way we need to be attacking the problem.

I don't know who Romney is going to pick as the VP, but he needs to get on message and tell people like it is and stand behind fixing the Olympics vice worrying about his massive screw up Romneycare.  People understand making a mistake, but they expect leaders to learn from it and not make that same mistake twice.  What are we seeing out of Romney? Nothing really except a career politician that thinks by being milk-toast will win him the Presidency, which isn't going to cut it in these dire times.  We need a leader and a champion for fiscal reality and to tell us what we need to hear.  We know we need to get our house in order and it is going to hurt, but there is a bright future ahead if we do.  You don't win elections only on the fix our house part, but rather on what is on the other side.  Ask Walker and Christie, they are showing people that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Gov. Romney are you going to be that light, that beautiful Reagan type light?  Or are you going to be some Mondale or Dole, I ain't him candidate?

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