Saturday, July 28, 2012

Only Teachers, Firemen, and Cops?

Only Teachers, Firemen, and Cops?

I fully support classroom teachers, firemen and policemen, but I have a really hard time with administrators that out number the teachers, or in the case of PHX the fire & police union reps that get paid by the city to do union work fully time, plus the mandatory over-time.  The truth is in the fact that unions and politicians are an incestuous bunch and the only group that suffers are the taxpaying public.

I wonder how many positions would be eliminated by putting the spending to a vote.  Say that you want to create a new local or state position, then it has to be voted on by the public because our elected representatives obviously can't handle the responsibility.   Make it an internet vote with write ups for and against the position and place it all on-line with a comment section, so the voters can make their own comments for 30 days.  Then hold the vote for 24 hours with certified voter verification and those stupid verification words.

I would be very curious to see how job creep would stop and all kinds of made up positions would disappear.  You could do education in the summer, police in the spring, fire in the fall, and others in winter (when people have nothing better to do).  We have lots of new technology to help us combat the out of control legislature and take back control from the career politicians.  Think about not having to pay $100K a year, plus a generous pension for some made up position that employees some big donors wife's second cousin.

Here another winner, stop all the government help programs because they cost way too much money and provide so little help.  The latest is $76K per new job to help teenagers find minimum wage jobs, sounds a lot like cash for clunkers where the taxpayer pays over $50K per clunker and the unions win with marginally increased sales.  The government is not the answer to any of these issues because of the incredibly high overhead costs that come with all these programs.

Think about this, 30 million people without health insurance, so what do you do?  You create a $3 trillion plan to cover everyone and now you have 30 million people without health insurance and a useless $3 trillion plan.  It would seem to me that you could have found a way to provide premium assistance for a fraction of the cost and reduced the number of uninsured  by the number that actually want to be insured.  Lets talk about toxic mortgages, how many mortgage payments could have been made for $700 billion?  I am betting that instead of paying of foreign interest, we could have helped millions of Americans keep their homes and stabilized the market quicker with a mortgage support loan and/or a mortgage correction loan.

We rent our house in WV and several of our perspective renters had houses that they were going to walk away from because they could not refinance an ARM because the value on the house had plunged and no bank would give them a new loan because of the new appraised value.  So what can these people do?  Is it realistic to expect them to pay twice the amount for a property worth half? And is it reasonable for the bank to allow them to refinance the loan based on the original value?  So what are they supposed to do?  The answer is dump another house onto a crappy market and hope for a short-sale, but for those people that could afford their old payments that means losing their home and ruining their credit for 3 to 5 years.  Not much of a solution, but we spent $700 billion to solve the problem and the American home owners have the same crappy problem they started with.

Stop the government from doing anything they are not chartered to do and put the savings back into the tax payer's pocket.  If people want more teachers, firemen, and policemen then they can voter for higher local taxes to support them.  We are being misrepresented by our governmental representatives for their gain and it needs to stop.  Americans are a very generous and inventive bunch, so give us back our money and allow us to solve our problems.  Yes, charity should be freely given and the receiver has a responsibility to fix their situation.  Tough love is love that helps those who refuse to help themselves hit rock bottom, but we are a very soft hearted nation that hates to see suffering.  It is called enabling and we need to stop! We need to stop enabling our government to rob us blind for their benefit and we need to stop allowing people to continue their addict ways with the government dime.

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