Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ObamaCare: Tax versus Penalty

ObamaCare: Tax versus Penalty

Third installment in the health care debate.  The tax/penalty/end of civilization as we know it has always been a joke because Congress will just keep jacking it up to bring in more cash.  They probably won't jack it up high enough to push everyone to be insured, but they will line their pockets with special interest money while sucking us dry via the IRS or the insurance companies.

Like I said before all the money comes from us and is ours, but for too long we have allowed anyone and everyone to steal from us.  We justify it by saying it is okay because it is taking care of the poor or we need a strong defense (depending on your political slant), but the said reality is that our federal government takes far more than is should and spends it out side of our controls or desires.  The original intent of the federal government was to provide for those things that states couldn't do effectively, but for the last hundred years they have been on a mission to cover us cradle to grave.

There are lots of little ways that we have allowed them to overstep and overreach because it is for the common good, which is complete BS because it is far easier to strong arm from DC than from your statehouse or local seat. Would we really like to see poor people starving to death in the streets? No, but do we really need a multi-trillion program with thousands of government employees in Washington to solve the problem that churches and honest hard working people had been doing for decades before the feds got involved.  Yeah, it is horrible that the local community took care of its own and they were subjected to the social standards of the community to get their hand out.  It is far better that the federal government strong arm an entire nation to force public charity and remove the social fabric of the community in the process.

I can see this country rapidly slipping into serious social decay and complete dependence on the government because there will be no jobs because of government regulation and taxing policies.  There will be no economy to speak of and you will have depression era or greater unemployment, with a new round of public works.  We will all be company men and owe our lives to the company store.  It is only a matter of time and with this ruling on health care all federal restraint has been removed.  It doesn't matter, which group of career criminals is in charge in Washington because the new boss is the same as the old boss because politicians can't resist the catnip of controlling everything.

America, you have only one chance at turning this around and it requires taking the Senate in a big way and keeping the Tea Party in Congress.  The White House occupant is just the lesser of two politicians because no true leadership is on the ticket this year.  It will matter only to a point because one will out rightly oppose any shift to the right of center and the other will come along reluctantly.  Romney is only mildly better than the Joker, but at least he would be trying for a second term, so he could be force from left of center to right of center.  Elections matter and this one could be for all the marbles, but it isn't the top of the ticket that will make the true difference it will be the Senate closely followed by the House.  If all else fails then it is the governors and statehouses.

The time is now to make a real difference in the direction of this country and it isn't going to be easy and it won't be done by doing what we have always done.  We need to shake up the tree of liberty and refresh it with the figurative blood of career politicians.  We need to say enough is enough and take charge of our future or else Greece here we come.

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