Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Statists Are Getting Away with It

How Statists Are Getting Away with It

Here is a wonderful take on the the world and it also mirrors some of the previous discussions here about Austerity leads to Prosperity.  If the government didn't take so much then the private sector would grow, but we all must admit that some level of government is required so we allow a slow growing cancer that takes more and more of our future prosperity with it.  Soon we are like Greece, Spain, Italy, and France, where no matter how much is taken it will never be enough.  We settle for less and less is what we will get.  Put the government in a small tightly controlled box and watch out, which is what we saw in this country for decades until the idea that the government was the answer to all our problems.

I think making it to the moon in the 60's was actually a bad thing for this country because it showed that the government could make miracles happen with lots of money and clear direction.  That idea branched into all areas of our lives because we thought with money the government could fix the poor and help everyone with a problem.  The space program was less about government success and more about the American spirit and can do attitude of the greatest generation.  The government didn't make the moon shoot happen, it was the men and women of this nation that made it happen.  It is easy to mistake the two because it was wrapped in an American flag and was supported with tax dollars.

It was the people that made the difference and that is the same reason that nothing has worked for the government since other than build the baddest and meanest military the world has ever known.  An all volunteer army that kicked the living crap out of the Iraqi million strong ground force.  Government isn't the answer, people are the answer and we need to make that distinction because there are people outside of the government doing great things.  We have people helping people all the time, but more often than not you will find some government agency knocking on their door with a court order to stop helping.

This is where we are today and heaven forbid that it be a religious group helping anyone because these crazy fanatics need to be stopped at once lest they poison people into believing there is another way of life other than sole dependence on the government.  It sickens me that we so many rules and regulations to prevent helping the homeless or the needy, but the government is more than willing to spend billions in tax dollars to run a massive effort out of Washington that fails more times than it succeeds.

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