Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog: 'You didn't build that' has Obama team panicking

Blog: 'You didn't build that' has Obama team panicking

Finally something different, the Joker cut his own throat with the bashing of the American Dream and personal accomplishment through hard work.  He shows that he believes that what America great was our awesome government and we need more of it to make this country even better, but the voters all know that isn't the case and it is the American individual that made this country great.  Looks like I am wrong about this being something different, oh well I am occasionally wrong unlike the president.

This country was one of unlimited possibilities and the hope of the world, but it was the government that made it that way unless you say it was the lack of governmental interference.  People came from all over the world to make a new life in America because it was the land of opportunity and you could strike it rich or just make a better life for you and your kids.  The government was restrained and not in your every day life, sure you had to pay taxes, but it wasn't too much and you still had plenty to pursue your dreams.  Now, not so much, we have the government of New York telling us how much soda we can have or states telling us who and who can not be married (last time I checked marriage is a religious rite, not a state right).

We need to keep this in mind when picking a president in November.  Do you want a socialist that wants the government to control our every thought and action or a capitalist that wants to make money to live a better life?  It is pretty clear to me, but I will still hold my nose because there seems to be two mitts and one is a lefty.

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