Friday, July 6, 2012

Americans Should Treat the Federal Government Like Family

Americans Should Treat the Federal Government Like Family

The National Debt and career politicians, what a sad sad story of how America crashed and burned after two glorious centuries of leading the way in individual freedom and liberty.  As a look around there are no stump speeches about the radical plan to fix this mess in the next few years, but rather we praise Ryan for a 40 year plan that still adds trillions to the debt.  As the writer says, we can either fix the spending issue now in a sensible and controlled manner or we can fix it the Greek way with street riots.  The only difference between us and the Greeks will be that fact that there will be no one will or able to bail us out.  If America goes down to the debt monster everyone will pay with a global depression that make the last four years feel like a walk in the park.

We can refuse to see it coming.  We can refuse to take action.  We can refuse to suffer the indignity of admitting our guilt in this mess? But, we can refuse the future and all the wonderful things it will bring.  What is going to happen when interest rates rise on the national debt?  What is going to happen when all national revenue is used to service the debt?  What happens when you raise taxes to service that debt? Do you see the financial death spiral that we are headed for in just a couple of years?  I won't matter who spent more when you are worried about feeding your family or trying to gas up your car.  I won't matter because you are slipping rapidly down the needs pyramid and heading towards the very base of food, water, and shelter.

I know all doom and gloom.  Is there any hope?  Not really because we have a nation of takers that have not had to work for what they have.  In the mid-century, we shifted from farmers to blue collar workers, which was trading one hard job for another on the promise of a better life for them and their children.  That worked and the better life came and with it indulgences.  Very few work 70-80 hour weeks anymore, unless they are working multiple jobs.

As a nation, we don't know what hard work is and we don't value education.  If we valued education then classrooms would be centers of learning and teachers respected for providing a precious gift.  Yes, there are teacher that are revered for their skills and caring, but the system isn't about all that because it is all about the dollars and moving up and out of the classroom as quickly as possible.  It is high benefit levels to retire as quickly as possible.  Parents are absolutely no better as the abdicate any responsibility in teaching their children and threaten lawsuit after lawsuit if little Jimmy is treated different.  Teaching to the lowest denominator has got to be soul killing and doesn't produce the best and the brightest of students.  I wonder why charter and private schools do so much better than public?  Could it be that when parents are forced to get involved the children see it and want to succeed to please the parents?

Again, I allow myself to digress, but the fact remains that we will no longer be able to throw money at problems and it is going to take hard work and pain to resolve the issues ahead.  You can choose to stick your head in the sand or stiffen you backbone and fight.  We need change in Washington and it isn't going to come in the guise of career politicians, but rather ordinary mature adults that see the need for real change.

People will rally to leadership that takes them in the direction we know in our hearts we need to go.  Why do you think a bullying blowhard like Chris Christie enjoys so much support in NJ of all places?  Sure he has the Jersey swagger, but he also tells it like it is.  The party is over and now is the time to clean up and it is going to suck and not be any fun, we all know that is part of being an adult and sometimes you have to do hard things.

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