Friday, June 15, 2012

The wolves are circling the Obama campaign

The wolves are circling the Obama campaign

It is a nice thought and it sells advertising at the news outlets, but always remember that the MSM is fully in the Joker's corner and will gladly gut any and all comers.  Romney is making progress with the base and might even be getting some anti-Obama votes, but he really needs to step of his game with the independents by having a plan on how to fix this mess. Right now he is bobbing along on the economic woes wave, but we people go to vote in November that may not be enough to overcome the unions and the minority votes.  Gov. Romney has secured the nomination, but now he has to secure the nation, which I am not currently seeing other than saying he isn't Obama.

The people need to give the Republicans the message that we want real change in Washington and that means fixing this financial mess Washington has created.  We want jobs, fiscal security, and a future for our children and grand children.  If the politicians don't pull their heads out of their asses, then it is time we do it for them.  There are still a bunch of dumb asses that will vote for Pelosi and Reid, but there are plenty of people that are dissatisfied with the way things are and are ready to support a new direction.  These flash mob voters want something to believe in and right now I am not seeing any leadership out of either party and definitely not from the president.  That leaves the door wide open for fresh blood and a new message.  Gov. Romney are you going to deliver or do we need to look down the ticket?

I hope every single voter is looking real hard and listening to the mess this country is in because we have one shot at fixing this and not a whole lot of time to make it happen.  If the Joker is re-elected and we don't oust the Democrats from the Senate, it will be too late by 2016 to save this country.  Think about that when you are talking to your friends and thinking about who you will vote for in November not just for President but for the Senate and House as well.

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