Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare

A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare

Apparently, I am doing a series on health care, which I never really wanted to do.  There are no easy answers to this question and the doctor is probably right that there will end up being a two tier system in this country, one run by the government and one run on cash.  If you can find the money there will be doctor's willing to take it.

It seems funny that we laughed at backward countries and their black market goods and services, but that is where we are heading. If the government is allowed to control everything for our own good, then smart enterprising people find was around the stupidity of the system.  Then there are the desperate ones that can't wait on the system, which will do anything to save grandma, wife, or baby, all of which are not worthy of state care.

This sets up a prohibition style of health care, that since it is outside the law will become ever increasingly populated with bad characters and greedy charlatans, which we already see in the elective surgery arena.  If you are desperate enough and scrape together enough money, you can find an alcoholic doctor who will do just about anything for a price.  Is this really where we want health care to go in this country?  Do we really want third world care?

What are the alternatives?  We have learned time and time again socialized anything doesn't work because we are humans and we will do the minimal work required to receive the reward.  If the reward is low and there is little risk, then little work results.  If hard work and risk taking, result in large cash rewards then people will work themselves to death for a shot at the brass ring.  That is the American Dream, we can achieve much because there is no governmental ceiling stopping us.

I poor kid from Maine can go on to make serious cash because there was no government regulated wages or stiffing tax burden.  There was reward for hard work and employers enjoyed the fruits of their labors as well as there workers.  It is truly a workers paradise, vice the lies of the elite saying it is better that the select few decide for all.

Shouldn't the same hold true in medicine?  Shouldn't the doctors who put in the hard work to become doctors enjoy the fruits of their labors?  Successful doctors provide jobs for their staffs and they share in the bounty as well.  The VA has a very difficult job and there are wonderful people there, but they still suffer from slow and poor care because there is only pride that motivates them.  They love working with the vets, but would it not be better if the vets were care for by people that were motivated to go above and beyond?  What level of care do you think the vets would get if the doctors and nurses earned more for seeing and treating more vets?

As it stands, you make less the more you do in a governmental system because your wages are set by position and time in grade.  The military does a decent job of this on the low end because the guys are motivated to make rank to earn more money, but at some point they reach terminal pay grade.  The government is only worse and now we want to do this to the health care system.  We all want the loving care of the overworked VA because that is what we are currently signed up for with Obamacare.  Think on that long and hard before you jump on the socialized medicine bandwagon.

As always, I invite those of differing view points to say their piece and debate the matter.  I have been know to be able to change my mind on occasion because I am human and sometimes get caught up in my own BS way of thinking.

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