Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare

A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare

Apparently, I am doing a series on health care, which I never really wanted to do.  There are no easy answers to this question and the doctor is probably right that there will end up being a two tier system in this country, one run by the government and one run on cash.  If you can find the money there will be doctor's willing to take it.

It seems funny that we laughed at backward countries and their black market goods and services, but that is where we are heading. If the government is allowed to control everything for our own good, then smart enterprising people find was around the stupidity of the system.  Then there are the desperate ones that can't wait on the system, which will do anything to save grandma, wife, or baby, all of which are not worthy of state care.

This sets up a prohibition style of health care, that since it is outside the law will become ever increasingly populated with bad characters and greedy charlatans, which we already see in the elective surgery arena.  If you are desperate enough and scrape together enough money, you can find an alcoholic doctor who will do just about anything for a price.  Is this really where we want health care to go in this country?  Do we really want third world care?

What are the alternatives?  We have learned time and time again socialized anything doesn't work because we are humans and we will do the minimal work required to receive the reward.  If the reward is low and there is little risk, then little work results.  If hard work and risk taking, result in large cash rewards then people will work themselves to death for a shot at the brass ring.  That is the American Dream, we can achieve much because there is no governmental ceiling stopping us.

I poor kid from Maine can go on to make serious cash because there was no government regulated wages or stiffing tax burden.  There was reward for hard work and employers enjoyed the fruits of their labors as well as there workers.  It is truly a workers paradise, vice the lies of the elite saying it is better that the select few decide for all.

Shouldn't the same hold true in medicine?  Shouldn't the doctors who put in the hard work to become doctors enjoy the fruits of their labors?  Successful doctors provide jobs for their staffs and they share in the bounty as well.  The VA has a very difficult job and there are wonderful people there, but they still suffer from slow and poor care because there is only pride that motivates them.  They love working with the vets, but would it not be better if the vets were care for by people that were motivated to go above and beyond?  What level of care do you think the vets would get if the doctors and nurses earned more for seeing and treating more vets?

As it stands, you make less the more you do in a governmental system because your wages are set by position and time in grade.  The military does a decent job of this on the low end because the guys are motivated to make rank to earn more money, but at some point they reach terminal pay grade.  The government is only worse and now we want to do this to the health care system.  We all want the loving care of the overworked VA because that is what we are currently signed up for with Obamacare.  Think on that long and hard before you jump on the socialized medicine bandwagon.

As always, I invite those of differing view points to say their piece and debate the matter.  I have been know to be able to change my mind on occasion because I am human and sometimes get caught up in my own BS way of thinking.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The ObamaCare Ruling and the Danger of Taxing Inaction

The ObamaCare Ruling and the Danger of Taxing Inaction

The ruling is stunning, but it is what it is and the long term ramifications are likely to have little overall effect because the current federal government model is to tax and grow.  The current government headed by the Joker and Reid will not be happy until they take every dime a person earns and funnels it back as they see fit.  All the better if you don't have a job because you are solely dependent on the government and will do whatever it says to keep receiving your ounce of gruel.  It does not matter whether it was upheld as a tax or a commerce clause because it is bad government unless you like being a ward of the state.

Healthcare is a tough issue because everyone needs it and since we are civilized we hate the idea of anyone going without treatment, so we must decide what the limits of our conscience are and how we will all pay for this collective conscience.  If we believe that we should care for the poor and needy, then we must decide to what level should we take from everyone to support the few.  If you say none, then are you willing to live with killing grandma or that sick baby because those are the outcomes of lack of care.  So, should we allow the poor to have a lower standard of care than those how work and can afford more?  This is the dilemma that has played out in the courts and in Congress for decades now.

Are we civilized or not? Are we willing to have tiers of care or not? Who pays?  It doesn't matter what clause is used because any clause will do.  Socialized medicine is a nice idea in theory, but very expensive and truly costly in reality.  Countries with socialized medicine don't rise up to the highest standard of care they sink to the lowest affordable level of care.  America enjoys some of the highest levels of cancer survival in the world, almost double those of socialized medicine the world around, but it would we be able to afford such levels for every citizen?  The answer is likely no because our system is incredibly expensive and that expense pays for the success, but unless we what 80% tax on everyone that level is unaffordable.

So, what is the alternative tiered care? You get the minimum unless you can afford to fly to some other country and pay or find a black market doctor or hospital willing to fix you at a cost?  If we make medical care and arm of the government are we going to be able to employ the best and brightest on government wage scales?  What will be the final cost of this magical system?  Look at Tricare for military, somethings are good, but there are limited funds and rapidly rising needs.  How long before it collapses under the weight of skyrocketing costs and increased membership?  Now multiple that by 100 times and you now have Obamacare.

There are alternatives, but unless we have the stones to do the heavy lifting now, they will be tried too late to be affective.  Market solutions are only partly the answer because it makes little market sense to insure the truly sick and most needy because they will always require more than they will ever pay in premiums.  Plus, we will all likely need more than we could ever pay if we live long enough (think Social Security).  What about Health IRAs?  Who has the money to fund another thing on current wages?  We supposed to fund , our bloated government, our own retirement, and now our own future medical costs, plus pay for everyone else retirement and health costs (SS again and FICA).  We would live in poverty in hopes of collecting on empty promises?  There is the "do nothing course of action", where we continue to have 30 million uninsured people getting free care because we are a civilized nation which we all end up paying for anyway.

As a side note, I wonder what the cost of care truly is because I receive bills all the time that are ten or more times what Tricare will pay and the provider accepts the pittance that the government pays.  Where does the other 90% go?  I had an eye exam that I paid cash for and it was a very reasonable amount based on the care and time, but if I would have used insurance the cost would have been triple? This seems crazy, but with all the paperwork and the hassles, plus the pitiful payments it is no wonder.  Again, I just have to ask what happens to they part that doesn't get paid?

Is there anything that can be done to fix this health care problem?  I think multi-million and billion dollar awards would be a good start, by de-incentivizing the lawyers you could probably reduce the cost of health care.  Do I really need fifteen test to tell me I have a headache?  Heaven forbid that in hindsight that headache was the first warning sign of something more serious and some evil doctor missed it. My family sues for $200 million in lost wages and pain & suffering.

Medicine is not perfect and not everyone is going to life to be 100, but it has becomes a risk vs. reward game.  The doctor isn't going to pay the award out of his pocket, his insurance company is going to pay.  The insurance companies, those evil bastards, have lots of money.  Completely disregarding the fact that it is really our money,  your neighbors money, plus a good chunk of the doctor's money as well, but who cares.  It is like hitting the death lottery, so make those pricks pay and pay dearly for grandpa's missed brain tumor at 90.

So how does this merry-go-round end?  It doesn't, as long as there is money to made by all.  If you allow the lawyers to make millions suing insurance companies and insurance companies can make millions off the customers and doctors, there is no end in sight.  The insurance companies, if forced to cover everyone, will force everyone to pay higher and higher premiums and as the lawyers are allowed to drive up the cost of doing business.  The level of care will suffer the system becomes bloated and slow like Britain .

We need to break the cost cycle at the source and stop making the lawyers rich off or pain and suffering.  We need to stop allowing juries to stick it to the man (insurance companies).  We need to shine the light on the money flow path to show those multi-million dollar settlements are coming from our pockets not the man.  People need to realize that though every life is precious it isn't worth millions and millions of dollars. Guess where the lawyers are getting their power? That would be Congress, which is composed of a majority of lawyers.  What to solve the health care problem dumping the lawyers in Congress is a great starting point.

32 Grieving Parents with Absolute Moral Authority over Obama

32 Grieving Parents with Absolute Moral Authority over Obama

It is a worthy cause and we must stop sticking our collective heads in the sands about Muslim violence on US soil.  I am not saying that all Muslims are bad or evil, but there are those that have committed acts of violence against military personnel solely because they were in the military.  Should be ignore this and say this is just an everyday happenstance and go on with our lives?  If someone was killing black people for being black it would be a federal hate crime and the full force of the government would spring into action, but since these are green and blue people it is a local matter.

Now, I can't say that Purple Hearts should be awarded because there are very specific rules for that and they need to be followed, but maybe a case can be made.  I won't say either way

It has been many years since 911/2001, passions have cooled and unity had faded, but we must still remember that it is a very dangerous world out there and we should recognize evil when it confronts us.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Service: A Touching Testament to Our Heroes in Uniform

emService/em: A Touching Testament to Our Heroes in Uniform

 A good write up about a great American.  It still pisses me off about his dog and those jerks deserve the same treatment.

This is post number 400, it has been pretty sparse lately because of my schedule and enjoying the sunshine.  400 is a lot and hopefully it won't take as long to get to 500.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The wolves are circling the Obama campaign

The wolves are circling the Obama campaign

It is a nice thought and it sells advertising at the news outlets, but always remember that the MSM is fully in the Joker's corner and will gladly gut any and all comers.  Romney is making progress with the base and might even be getting some anti-Obama votes, but he really needs to step of his game with the independents by having a plan on how to fix this mess. Right now he is bobbing along on the economic woes wave, but we people go to vote in November that may not be enough to overcome the unions and the minority votes.  Gov. Romney has secured the nomination, but now he has to secure the nation, which I am not currently seeing other than saying he isn't Obama.

The people need to give the Republicans the message that we want real change in Washington and that means fixing this financial mess Washington has created.  We want jobs, fiscal security, and a future for our children and grand children.  If the politicians don't pull their heads out of their asses, then it is time we do it for them.  There are still a bunch of dumb asses that will vote for Pelosi and Reid, but there are plenty of people that are dissatisfied with the way things are and are ready to support a new direction.  These flash mob voters want something to believe in and right now I am not seeing any leadership out of either party and definitely not from the president.  That leaves the door wide open for fresh blood and a new message.  Gov. Romney are you going to deliver or do we need to look down the ticket?

I hope every single voter is looking real hard and listening to the mess this country is in because we have one shot at fixing this and not a whole lot of time to make it happen.  If the Joker is re-elected and we don't oust the Democrats from the Senate, it will be too late by 2016 to save this country.  Think about that when you are talking to your friends and thinking about who you will vote for in November not just for President but for the Senate and House as well.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog: American Exceptionalism: The Things Americans Don't Do Well

Blog: American Exceptionalism: The Things Americans Don't Do Well

I like that we do none of these well or at all.  America used to not do a lot of other things as well, but thankfully we still don't do these.  I will have to expand on the other things we didn't used to do, but that is for another time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

You’re Not Special -

You’re Not Special -

Great speech and one everyone should read because you are not special, regardless what people tell you.  You are just another warm body on a spec of dust next to a little light among the vast darkness of the universe.  There are 6.8 billion warm bodies here with you, so make something of yourself but always remember that you aren't something special.