Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still Clueless: What Is the Tea Party?

Still Clueless: What Is the Tea Party?

I love this guy and what he knows about the Tea Party.  The media and the Republicans will never get it, so I've stopped trying to help them figure it out.  I will gladly sit with anyone that truly wants some knowledge dropped on them and have an open mind, but wasting my time trying to get Republicans to wake up to the truth of their failed leadership isn't worth the hours of my life.

The Tea Party is still out there seeking out good candidates that understand that our fiscal house needs to get in order and you do that by cutting spending.  You don't need to raise taxes, you don't need special committees, you don't need special programs, and you don't need some crazy compromise with the devil.  You need to set priorities and when the money runs out the programs below the line get the ax.  If you want to save something below the line then put it to a vote to raise a special tax to pay for it the everyone regardless of income pays has to pay, you will see a whole bunch of stuff rapidly dropping from the government plate when everyone has to pay.  I know I am dreaming again of my straight tax and revenue limited budget, but I am allowed to dream because this is America.  I am telling you the straight tax and revenue limited budget with the national debt paid off is the ultimate dream and just think of the economic growth that would spur.

The Tea Party is many things, but dead isn't one of them so buck-up and put on your big boy pants and do the right thing to help fix this country vote for principles not pork.

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