Thursday, May 10, 2012

PAUL: Tea Party wins in Indiana - Washington Times

PAUL: Tea Party wins in Indiana - Washington Times

Rand Paul understands the true nature of the Tea Party.  They are the flash-mob voters that spring up to put down Washington hubris and over reach. I am proud founding member of the party and I was sad to see the far right drag the Tea Party into the social conservative quagmire.  We don't need to keep banging on the social conservative drum, while the country burns to the ground due to fiscal recklessness.  There is a time coming that every concerned American will no longer be shackled by the major parties and their radical controlling wings.

We need to back Romney to remove the Joker, but more importantly we need to clean house in Congress.  That is far easier than trying to win the WH with a true fiscal conservative candidate as we have seen this past year.  We have better control of the candidates for both houses of Congress.  It takes brave voters to stand up to the parties and their anointed ones.  Sen. Lugar must of have thought that he was a shoe in after racking up the bucks during his 6 terms as Senator, but the people of Indiana had a different idea.  We need more people to stand up to the parties and let their vote be heard.

An advantage of living in a state where you can vote regardless of party affiliation is great because the parties shouldn't be able to pre-decide the winners.  It is already nearly impossible for anyone to beat an incumbent, so why not make it as easy as possible for the voters to decide.  We still hold the power, they just don't realize it yet.

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