Friday, May 11, 2012

In Search of the Dreaded Austerity

In Search of the Dreaded Austerity

Austerity leads to prosperity!  Funny how that works, you cut government spending and your economy gets better even in a world wide downturn. I wonder if we would have had a world wide downturn had America followed the example of Israel and South Korea.  Think about it, if our wonderful government had been shrinking maybe they wouldn't have screwed up the housing market to begin with and that bubble would not have burst.  Funny how the government and bubbles go hand and hand.  We need austerity to reach prosperity, that is the new mantra for government.  We the People need to set up a sacred cow and political pork slaughter house to reach austerity, therefore bringing on prosperity.  It would be nice to reinvigorate the American Dream by putting and end to the American Nightmare of our Orwellian government.  Less government more people or wait isn't soylent green people, I lose track.  I think we need to show how austerity brings prosperity to the people and rip the curtain away to reveal the great Oz of government (bumbling fools that rely on the illusion to maintain power).

I for one do not fear austerity, but rather embrace it's freedom from government spending tyranny.

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