Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grown-Ups, Take the Wheel

Grown-Ups, Take the Wheel

This is a good essay on letting the adults take this country back from the life long teenagers.  I agree, but as we just saw in France it isn't easy to get the childish voters to take their medicine. It is even harder when you have a bunch of career criminals who's only goal is to be re-elected to office, telling them they don't have to because we can just steel from the rich or worse ignore the reality of the coming crash.

We wouldn't let our children play with fire or knives because they could hurt themselves, so why do we let them have a loaded gun.  We allow these children to vote for our representatives and wonder why we are getting more of the same.  We need to be the adults and put on our big boy pants and do the hard things that are going to save this country and protect our children.  We have to stop trying to be their friend and telling them it is okay to eat ice cream for every meal.  It is time to grow up and do the right thing or we will be Greece with no money and plenty of hands out looking for the ice cream.

It is time to eat beans and get our financial house in order.  It is time to sacrifice the pleasure of today for a brighter future. We have to know that fixing this mess is going to be hard and it is going to suck, but just like any job it is called work for a reason.  It will take sacrifice by everyone, sacred cows need to be slaughtered by the herd and it won't make anyone happy to do it.  Everyone pays!  Shared sacrifice is just that everyone in the household suffers and cuts back, not just little Jimmy while Jane lives it up.  This is America where people can do anything they want and it only takes hard work to make dreams come true.

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