Saturday, April 14, 2012

What the Frack?

Fracking Vindicated

EPA is rolling back the hysteria over fracking and America could actually be on its way to energy independence. I might be celebrating too soon, but with a change in the WH and Senate in November we could actually make strides towards the white whale of energy independence. The left has tried everything in its power to force this country back to the stone age, but we innovative Americans keep finding ways to do things better and not even harm the environment.

It didn't take billion dollar handouts to find a new way to get more gas out of the ground, but rather a robust market place. It is true that utilities had cooled to the idea of gas power production because of the rise in prices, but now with the new technique and cheaper prices all other forms of energy production are paling in comparison. I don't advocate putting all our energy eggs in one basket because that would be silly, but it does mean taking a hard look at the all of the above strategy and tax dollars spent on unproven technologies.

I love nuclear power and it is a zero emitter of CO2 (just in case I am wrong about the fact that the sun is the major contributor to global temperature changes), but it is really expensive to build and the current regulations result in a lot of left over materials just hanging around. I think wind and solar are great, but I don't think the government should be pouring billions of dollars into companies just because it sounds good and buys votes on the left. If gas is going to be the wavy of the future and will remain cheap for the next couple hundred years then lets take advantage of that time to develop viable alternatives to everything that can make it in the market place without huge subsidies from Uncle Sam.

Coal can be modified (gasified) to work like natural gas, so just in case the estimates are off on how much and how long gas will be king. We can shift a lot of things to natural gas like ethanol used to blend with our gasoline. We can use NG in our vehicles and in our homes. We can and will build more power plants, that will replace old and higher polluting coal plants. We will find ways to use NG to produce the petroleum products we use or with the greatly reduced demand for oil to fuel stuff, we might be able to become independent of foreign oil sources. In case you didn't know, America produces a lot of oil daily, but since our demand is sky high we import a huge amount to meet that demand.

We stand at a crossroads of energy independence and we can put on our big boy and girl pants and plan what the energy future is going to be and make smart decisions about what we are going to do. Or we can whine and complain that it doesn't go far enough and that anything we do needs to cause zero impact on the world. We can say that we should all live in caves and die in the cold because burning wood or manure to heat our homes would release too much gas for the eco-nuts. We have been blessed once again by smart guys finding a better way and given an opportunity to do something great, but it will take a strong will to over come the bias and whining. We are America and we have once again been blessed, so what will it be energy independence or death.

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