Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Paradox of "Taxing the Rich"

The Paradox of "Taxing the Rich" e21 - Economic Policies for the 21st Century

A very interesting take on tax policy in America. If you tax something at a high rate people will run from it and put their money in something else. There is a whole industry built around minimize tax liability, so unless you close all loopholes and set a single rate you will have a hard time making people pay the maximum expected. Humans are fairly smart creatures and we will find any available loophole or sweetheart deal available to avoid paying taxes.

Do I think this is a bad thing? Not really because if you have a tax code that is 20 feet high then you deserve to loose money because you've made it way too complicated. I still advocate for a straight tax on every American and zero corporate tax. If you don't make it cost +40% more to do business in America, think how many people will move their businesses closure to the biggest consumers in the world. The states can feel free to tax the living crap out of people because they will have to suffer the consequences of this action (see New York, New Jersey, California, and the Northeast in general).

Every American should pay for the services provided by the federal government equally, since we are all equal under the law. The means that the federal government will no longer be able to shake down rich people to buy votes from the poor. It will also force them to prioritize their spending and services. I would love to pay a couple of grand a year and see a lot less in federal services. The states can then pick up the ball for all the things that people think they want from government. If you want a high amount of services and lots of government employees, then you move to one of the above mentioned states. If you prefer keeping your money and providing for you and yours then you are free to move about the country.

I absolutely hate tax day because it is a reminder of how screwed up this country has become. It is perfectly fine to punish someone for succeeding and achieving the American Dream. The media and the Democrats all believe that the money we make is the governments and that they know best how to spend it. The Republicans used to believe the money was better off with the people who earned it, but that is no longer the case. All of government, both parties alike, feel they know better how to spend your money. I say enough. I say put Uncle Sam on a diet before that fat bastard dies of a heart attack cause by excessive debt. The guy has $15 trillion of fat clogging his arteries and he keeps shoveling it in. Before too long, his body is going to collapse under the weight of all that debt.

Lets put Uncle Sam on the Paleo Diet, where he only get meat and veggies. The sugar and salt are removed and no more cupcakes for the fat man. We force him back to the beginning of this country and he can no long gorge himself on the high fat and carbohydrates of the rich. They labored long and hard for their piece of the pie, so stay away fat man. I know this is anti-fat and I apologize, but the dude seriously needs to go one diet. Come on America help the morbidly obese Uncle Sam become lean and mean again. Help him by not letting him helping himself to our hot pockets of cash.

It is time to starve the beast that is our government. Today is the today, we cannot weight a second longer.

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