Saturday, April 14, 2012

Manufactured Crisis

Articles: Obama Circle 'Shaking with Laughter' Over Hilary Rosen Distraction

I have said it here several times that the 24/7 news cycle manufactures a new crisis almost on a daily basis to get ratings, viewers, and advertising dollars, but at what cost to the public. It is far easier to play up the faux rage over the Rosen comment than deal with the $15 trillion debt. It is far easier to stoke the fires of racial hatred than deal with the $1 trillion annual deficit. If is far easier to worry about which celebrity is putting it to another celebrity, than deal with an over reaching federal government that daily steals our freedom.

The Joker is a master of using the media to distract the sheep from the horrors of Washington and the ineptitude of his leadership. He can not point to one economic bright spot, so he has the media generate a tempest in a tea cup over some leftist accusing of mother of five of not working a day in her life. Really, I don't know one person in America that would actually believe that statement in a million years, but that has been the hottest thing since sliced bread for almost a week. Is this really news? Is this the most important thing happening in America this week?

Have we had a federal budget in three plus years? Are we once again closing in on our $15 trillion debt cap? Are we borrowing a trillion dollars a year to pay to keep our government going? Is that ponzy scheme of social security going to run dry in the next decade? Is grandma going to enslave her grandkids to the federal government? Is our government completely outside its Constitutional limits and driving ever further in that direction? Is the Supreme Court finally going to stand up to Congress and the President and strike down the commerce clause excuse for forcing American to do anything they dream up?

These issue are huge, but they aren't flashy (or in the case of some celebrities flashing). We need to stop sitting on the couch and allowing the propaganda machine to feed us like the birds regurgitating fish to their helpless chicks. We need to get up and get going. America wouldn't be nearly as fat if it did more than sit on the couch feasting on the BS of the day. Go take a walk, talk to your neighbors, join a book club, attend a rally for freedom, or grow something. Maybe we can turn this country around, but we won't do it by allowing ourselves to be distracted by the liar and chief and we should know more about the Constitution, than the underwear wearing habits of hollywood.

Make a difference, do something, and be a hero.

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