Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Declaration of Independents

Is a nice book by a couple of libertarians (Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch) that feel America can do better than we current are by allowing politics to meet the 21st century.  They talk a lot about how every other aspect of our lives has been radically changed by the new technology and people finding their own way in life.  They talk about how some very rich people had an idea and then made magic happen through hard work and belief in their dream.  They also talk about the four things that are completely ass-backwards in this country and how they are controlled by the two party system.  The first is education, where in the last 50 years we've tripled the outlay of dollars per student to achieve the same mediocre results.  Then their is medical care and health insurance, where it is impossible to get a straight answer on how much something costs and each state/lobbyist gets to dictate the tune. Then my personal favorite federal run retirement, which is a complete mess which everyone is scared to touch because it would mean making a real decision. And what to all these other three have in common the two party system, where the only goal of any politician is to get re-elected.

It is a good read and you might find out that you agree with a lot of what they say and there are things that you might not, but the bottom line is that politics as we know it is a dinosaur long past its extinction date.  People are going to come together in groups to oppose the things that piss them off and we've already seen it time and time again in the last few elections.  The old guard haven't figured it out yet and the more they deride the voters for their party disloyalty the more they will suffer the wrath of the flash-mob voter.  The will spring up where they feel their rights or tax dollars are being mishandled and once the issue has been faced down they will return to their lives.  This was very evident in the early Tea Party and the election of Scott Brown.  The fact that the Tea Party is in a low ebb is that the process is currently broken on the federal level with Mittens vs the Joker, but they are still alive and well on the local level.  They are protesting all kinds of local issues and bad politicians (just ask Orin Hatch).

The flash-mob voter will continue as long as their are issues to be dealt with and the current two parties ignore the will of the people.  We can make a difference in education, medical/health care, and retirement, but it will require getting the information out there and getting enough ticked off people to start buzzing about the possible solution before you will get critical mass to change things.  The good news it has never been easier to make that happen and it can happen at the speed of light.  Who would have thought Scott Brown would ever get elected to Teddy's old seat, but the buzzed started and bam in the blink of an eye you have a Republican Senator from MA.

I truly believe that we are going to see an anti-two party revolution after the farce that is the 2012 election.  We have a huge failure of a sitting president verse a unpopular statist flip-flopper politician, so what real choice do we truly have.  America Elect is an interesting start, but there is way too much unknown about the group.  Plus, with no candidate as of yet they aren't really going to play a role other than showing that it is possible to form a third party out of thin air in a matter of months.  It only takes money and the internet, plus a bus load of lawyers to get you on all 50 ballots.  Once we've cracked this pandora's box there will be no looking back because the flash-mob voters will become a bigger and bigger part of every future election.

Who are these flash-mob voters you ask, well I like to call them the Angry Joes & Janes of the middle that are not right or left wingers.  These are fiscal conservatives that hate the idea of the government wasting their hard earned dollars.  They are compassionate and willing to lend a had, but don't want to feel like their charity is at the end of the billy club.  They are more liberal on social issues, but only to a point and they definitely don't like being told where the point is by either side.  They go by many names, but they are all Americans through and through.  They believe in the American Dream and hard work.  They don't like the idea that people are taking advantage of them, from either end of the financial spectrum.  They are the angry middle that wants a better life for their children and would like to see them damn kids move out on their own finally and for good.

There is a mob mentality to them and sometime you wonder where they have run off to, but don't ever think that they don't exist or they won't come back.  They just get busy living life and don't have time for the constant banter of talking heads or every lie from a politician.  They will appear when needed and sometimes when the politicians least want them because they upset their criminal endeavors.  They are out there working and watching.  They will appear when the hour is darkest and the need is greatest.  The are the Angry Joes & Janes of America protectors of Freedom, Liberty, and the American Dream. God Bless Them Every One!

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