Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Worldwide Price of Oil

The Worldwide Price of Oil

Some very interesting thoughts on oil and what to do about the rising cost of gasoline. As this president has shown he likes to pick losers with our tax dollars and do oil companies really need federal assistance, what are we do with all these extra tax dollars? I mean we have to spend China's money some how, so why not be dishonest about it and hide how we use it to pick winner's and eventually losers in the energy market. I mean if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door, so lets make sure that it is paved with gold bricks from the treasury.

I believe in the free market and government grants for research are great if you have money, but the market is not free if restrict it through biased regulation and we don't have the money to pick winners and losers in the research market. If something is truly revolutionary and can save the world then rich guys all over the world will want a piece of it to make even more money. If you build the same crappy thing as everyone else, but get millions from the government, you still fold like a cheap tent and the tax payers lose vice dumb rich investors.

I hope we are learning our lesson from this mess, but I am sure we are not because lobbyist will continue to con-vince politicians that the government should invest in their mousetrap because those campaign contributions make a great argument for success in the business world.

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