Monday, March 26, 2012

Which Government Does the U.S. Bill of Rights Limit?

Which Government Does the U.S. Bill of Rights Limit?

Long forgotten or abused idea of limited federal government, but why would the states allow the feds so much power especially when it comes to taxes? The reason is that the feds have shown great skill at fleecing the people and returning huge sums to the states after taking their cut. States are reluctant to raise taxes to the level necessary to pay for all those wonderful things that they give out, so they hire the feds to collect the money and send it back to them. Prime examples are Department of Education or Medicare/Medicaid. Why does the federal government need to collect money for schools? I would think that would be a local issue and the money would be better spent on the local level vice traveling to Washington, then to the State House, and then finally to the local government.

This also removes the power of the people to control how the money is spent and prevents any real change in government. It is a cozy scheme where everyone, but the taxpayer benefits. Tell me why do we stand for such rampant corruption? Because we love our children and much like working in a sweatshop we do what we have to do to get by, but the truth is we hold the key to release ourselves from federal slavery and we rarely use it. The key is our vote and we need to use it to break the chains that bind us and use them to bind Washington to its very limited powers.

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