Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Source of American Military Power

The Source of American Military Power

Nice words for your American troops. It does bother me that most Americans do not know someone who has served, especially since we have been at war for over a decade now. People are amazed to hear about people that have actually been overseas and fought in their name. The sad truth is, I have seen and read about it many times, people are disconnected from the people they send to die for this country. There are some that welcome the troops home, which is a very nice gesture, but there are so very many more that have been living their lives like nothing different has been going on for the last decade. The wars are not real to them and the lives that were lost on the battlefields are so very less important than Kim K. or George C looney. We asked these men and women to fight to make America safe again. We sent them there right or wrong to prevent another attack on our citizens. They have done an amazing job and have sacrificed beyond measure in many cases, but what has the average American done? Has anyone lead a rubber or metal drive? Has anyone not eaten meat? We are not a nation at war, but rather a nation that sends its troops to do our dirty work while we go one with our normal celebrity worshiping BS.

We have had several Medal of Honor winners, but they only flash across the screen as momentary blips to ensure the public that we are a great nation of warriors. The fact is that less than 1% serve or support the military in any real way. Hardly anyone knows who the name of current general in charge of the troops facing death every day in our name, Marine Gen. John Allen. How many of us even know how many troops are currently on the field of battle? That is an interesting question because it can not be easily found and the last reports on the number were from around June 2011. We are certainly are not an nation at war, but rather fat couch sitting overlords that allow the best and brightest to do our bidding, while we watch American Idol and Survivor.

America you make me sick. I know those are some pretty harsh words, but they are heart felt and accurate. We talk about sacrifice, but it is always in relation to someone else doing the sacrificing. We are all Americans and we should all be sacrificing to put this country back on the right track. If we think the wars are costing us too much, then think about how these young men and women feel about the cost. It isn't deficit dollars to them, but a less than adequate wage and their lives. America, you want to impress me then adopt a federal sales tax that everyone pays to pay for wars. Give Michael Yon a weekly TV show to show you the real cost of war. Have a reality show on the sacrifices of so many military families living on food stamps. America wake up and realize that it isn't all about you and the celebrities you worship. Get out to one of the Wounded Warrior events and see the courage of those who did your bidding to keep you safe, tell them they aren't worth the cost.

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