Friday, March 30, 2012

Something Making Me Angry

First, I want to say that I supported the wars and I still support the soldiers that fought them, but I do not support propping up a corrupt Afghan government that sees no value in the lives of the Americans that prop them up.  I am hearing calls for an orderly return home for all troops now and I support this because regardless of what we think, the Afghans really don't need us there to continue their way of life.  After eleven years, they could have embraced freedom, but they are turning back to the Taliban.  I say let them go.

You might think that I am giving up and in a way I am because I am giving up forcing people to do what is best for them and letting them decide how they want to live.  If they want a repressive regressive government than that is their choice.  If they want to treat women as cattle, again that is their choice because no matter how many celebrities protest and whine about women's rights they are not out in the villages making a true difference. 

The Afghan people have had ten plus years to get their shit together and they are choosing to be ass backward and live miserable lives. They really don't have much choice in the matter because they have been ass backward for hundreds of years and the mighty American military is not likely to change that in a hundred years.  So what is our current mission? Are we just there to maintain the peace?  Because if we are, then we are failing miserably.  The Afghan people are turning to the Taliban to restore order, not to the corrupt government.  They want to live their lives and would prefer not to have an occupying army hanging around telling them how to live.

You say that means declaring the sacrifice of the troops that died there invalid, but not so because they died to punish the terrorist and kill the jackass that planned 9/11.  Mission accomplished.  It is now time to bring the troops home and give them a heroes' welcome for a job well done.  You say what happens if the bad guys regroup?  I say we can still bomb the crap out of their terrorist camps and we can still send the snake-eaters in to kill bad guys, but we don't need thousands and thousands of troops hanging around waiting to be attacked.  We need the pointy end of the spear guys doing pointy end of the spear stuff.  We need to help where we can and keep the crazies locked in, but we don't need to try to control an entire country.

I know this might not be a popular position, but I have felt this way for sometime and a majority of Americans feel this way.  If they bad guys regroup we can make them wish they had not and in the meantime we can retool, re-equip, and re-train our military back here in the States with their families.  It is time to call it a day and declare victory.  We need to stop wasting American lives trying to fix a country that refuses to fix themselves.  I love this country and would never want to see it attacked again, but staying in Afghanistan is not helping make that happen and it is costing lives each and every day we are there (American and Afghan), so it is time.

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