Saturday, March 10, 2012

So When Are We Allowed to Be Intolerant?

So When Are We Allowed to Be Intolerant?

Lots of good stuff in here. The PhD also talks about the civil servant system being screwed up, so I guess I am on pretty good ground with my thoughts on the matter. I am not a bright man, but I do know when things aren't right. America isn't right and until we slay the beast that is Washington, we are going to continue to fight an uphill battle to fix what is wrong with this country. We need real jobs, we need a better way to do a lot of things, and we need less BS out of Washington. The real jobs will never come back as long as there is no stability in America. We need to make companies compete for our dollars, vice having them stolen from us and thrown down the government toilet (think health care, social security, and anything else run by the government). We need to keep Washington from picking winners and losers because they are wrong every time (think Ford vs GM, Solar/Wind vs Nuke/Coal/Gas/Oil).

I could rant for hours on each of these areas, but until the public rises up and slays the beast that is terrorizing the village, there is no hope for the future. I am in serious doubt that they will because the beast buys them off and pits them against their neighbor. Jealousy is a powerful weapon of the beast and the beast uses it to deflect questions it would rather not answer. If you had lots of job opportunity and money to pay for nice things, then you wouldn't care that someone else who worked hard had nice things or even better things. You would see them as something to aspire to be like, but when you can't find a job and the government is causing prices to rise on everything then you get angry. The beast says don't blame us for this mess, it is Wall Street's fault, it is the greedy bankers, it is the big businesses, and it is those people's fault (insert whomever you like, for Germany it was the Jews). Those people are the cause of all your misery and pain, not the beast that steals money out of your pocket and plays favorites with their big money donors. No, it is the people that have worked hard to build something for themselves and provided jobs for people that are the danger and need to be stopped. It isn't the beast with all its constantly changing rules and threats of punishment for failing to keep up with those constantly changing rules. The fact that many businesses need to hire a fleet of lawyers just to make sure they are in compliance, prevents them from hiring actual workers are the bad guys in all this.

The beast is not to blame for the high gas prices that you are paying, it is the oil companies and all the money that they make. But the funny thing about that is if we had more sources of oil and we stopped monkeying with rules, then gas prices would not be hostage to jackasses on the other side of the world and the oil companies would not be passing on the higher costs to the costumers because cost would be lower and would drive gas prices lower. Plus, stop pushing bad technologies on us and saying they are good. If prices stay high people will buy cars that get better gas mileage, but if you keep selling them crappy cars they will look elsewhere for a better product (think Honda in the late 70s).

Do I think that electric cars are the future? Yes but you have to make good ones. You can't package a $50k Chevy Volt and say that it is going to save the world because it isn't. You need to push the $25k Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, & Honda Insight, but you also need to ensure there is reliable power to recharge all those cars. Solar & Wind are not going to cut it, so think Nuclear, Coal, Gas, and yes Oil. The funny thing is we have plenty of all the above right here in America, if only we would get off our high horse and use what God has blessed us with. We could be energy independent in just a few years, but we refuse. We ship coal to China, for jimminy cricket. We need to get serious about the environment and our energy needs. We product the cleanest energy in the world from all sources, so why are we so afraid of every type of energy? Have you seen the output of our coal plants as compared with say China's or India's? France gets 80% of their power from nuclear, so why can't we? We have plenty of land away from population centers to put them and yes there will be those ugly towers and wires, but that is the price you pay for an iWorld.

I have ranted enough, but as you can see there are solutions out there if we only slay that damn beast in Washington. Don't let them fool you into believe that they have all the answers and that they know what is best for us all because they are career liars and history has proven them so. We need to rise up and throw off the yoke of big government and its false promises and wasteful spending. The solutions are out there, we just need to get off the couch and look for a better way.

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