Saturday, March 17, 2012

And yes my middle name is Angry!

I have had it up to here with this country's voters, slackers, and politicians.  I am angry because we have abandoned what made us great for bread and circuses.  The politicians lie to us to get our votes and then it is immediately back to business as usual.  We did some heavy lifting in 2010 to see the entrenched career criminals give it all away.  We have done nothing to stop deficit spending and real spending just keeps going up and up.  We are headed for ruin, but who cares because American Idol is on twice a week or there is some big crisis brewing on Survivor.  We have had troops in the field for over a decade, but no one gives a crap because it is just the lowly military class that doesn't even get to vote, plus even if they did they only make up less than 1% of the population.

You want to impress me America then demand better from yourselves and your representatives.  I voted against a big spending mayor of my town and voted against a budget rule that would allow even bigger spending.  Why because if we don't start somewhere we will never get anywhere.  The mayor and the town council bragged that they got two million to build a fire house because it didn't cost the local taxpayer a dime,  it was all federal money.  What the hell?  Where do they think that comes from?  If you want a firehouse then spend your local money to build one because I am betting someone in say Michigan does give a rat's butt about a firehouse in AZ and sure and the hell isn't happy about paying for it with their hard earned money.  The other measure allows the town to put out a $200 million budget, while it can only spend what it brings in, so the real operating budget is closer to $78 million. 

The reason is they support the rule is that instead of being limited to $78 million, they can budget $200 million and any extra money's raise can be spent immediately.  This is insane.  Why wouldn't you put a realistic budget in place and if you run a surplus give it back to the taxpayers, vice spending it immediately?  It is that they think constant growth is a good thing, but I don't see it that way because I am the one paying for it with all kinds of higher taxes and "fees".  They want to be the next California with high taxes and lots of unnecessary services and high paid government employees.  I voted "no" because the madness needs to stop and it needed to start at the local level.  If this keeps up, I am going to run for council and fight them every step of the way.  I think if you have a good place to live and basic needs are taken care of, then you need to stop and access why you want more and more.  Services are nice, but a lot of them are unnecessary and only serve a small sliver of the community and that sliver is mostly the politicians themselves in the long run.

I am going to continue to be angry because there doesn't seem to be any other choice.  My wife hates it when I rant, but I have to get it out because the stupidity will drive you crazy if you don't point it out and get it out.

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