Friday, March 30, 2012

Something Making Me Angry

First, I want to say that I supported the wars and I still support the soldiers that fought them, but I do not support propping up a corrupt Afghan government that sees no value in the lives of the Americans that prop them up.  I am hearing calls for an orderly return home for all troops now and I support this because regardless of what we think, the Afghans really don't need us there to continue their way of life.  After eleven years, they could have embraced freedom, but they are turning back to the Taliban.  I say let them go.

You might think that I am giving up and in a way I am because I am giving up forcing people to do what is best for them and letting them decide how they want to live.  If they want a repressive regressive government than that is their choice.  If they want to treat women as cattle, again that is their choice because no matter how many celebrities protest and whine about women's rights they are not out in the villages making a true difference. 

The Afghan people have had ten plus years to get their shit together and they are choosing to be ass backward and live miserable lives. They really don't have much choice in the matter because they have been ass backward for hundreds of years and the mighty American military is not likely to change that in a hundred years.  So what is our current mission? Are we just there to maintain the peace?  Because if we are, then we are failing miserably.  The Afghan people are turning to the Taliban to restore order, not to the corrupt government.  They want to live their lives and would prefer not to have an occupying army hanging around telling them how to live.

You say that means declaring the sacrifice of the troops that died there invalid, but not so because they died to punish the terrorist and kill the jackass that planned 9/11.  Mission accomplished.  It is now time to bring the troops home and give them a heroes' welcome for a job well done.  You say what happens if the bad guys regroup?  I say we can still bomb the crap out of their terrorist camps and we can still send the snake-eaters in to kill bad guys, but we don't need thousands and thousands of troops hanging around waiting to be attacked.  We need the pointy end of the spear guys doing pointy end of the spear stuff.  We need to help where we can and keep the crazies locked in, but we don't need to try to control an entire country.

I know this might not be a popular position, but I have felt this way for sometime and a majority of Americans feel this way.  If they bad guys regroup we can make them wish they had not and in the meantime we can retool, re-equip, and re-train our military back here in the States with their families.  It is time to call it a day and declare victory.  We need to stop wasting American lives trying to fix a country that refuses to fix themselves.  I love this country and would never want to see it attacked again, but staying in Afghanistan is not helping make that happen and it is costing lives each and every day we are there (American and Afghan), so it is time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Which Government Does the U.S. Bill of Rights Limit?

Which Government Does the U.S. Bill of Rights Limit?

Long forgotten or abused idea of limited federal government, but why would the states allow the feds so much power especially when it comes to taxes? The reason is that the feds have shown great skill at fleecing the people and returning huge sums to the states after taking their cut. States are reluctant to raise taxes to the level necessary to pay for all those wonderful things that they give out, so they hire the feds to collect the money and send it back to them. Prime examples are Department of Education or Medicare/Medicaid. Why does the federal government need to collect money for schools? I would think that would be a local issue and the money would be better spent on the local level vice traveling to Washington, then to the State House, and then finally to the local government.

This also removes the power of the people to control how the money is spent and prevents any real change in government. It is a cozy scheme where everyone, but the taxpayer benefits. Tell me why do we stand for such rampant corruption? Because we love our children and much like working in a sweatshop we do what we have to do to get by, but the truth is we hold the key to release ourselves from federal slavery and we rarely use it. The key is our vote and we need to use it to break the chains that bind us and use them to bind Washington to its very limited powers.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog: President Washington's Forgotten Advice On National Debt

Blog: President Washington's Forgotten Advice On National Debt

National debt is not a good thing or even a necessary evil, but rather a convenient excuse for purchasing votes to remain in office. How many congress critters would be re-elected if they had to maintain a balanced budget and retire the national debt in say 10 years? It would be a very painful process with Granny and the soldiers going under the bus to save their collective skins. The question becomes what are our priorities and what are we willing to give up because soon like Greece we are going to be faced with these very difficult choices. Do you think China is going to allow us to continue to run up debt with no consequences? How long before they pull the rug out and we come crashing down? It could never happen to the mighty US with the strongest military the world has ever know, but what happens when you can pay them or feed them? What happens when the money runs out and the music stops? It ain't going to be pretty folks and it will be every one for themselves trying to maintain their piece of the federal pie/tit. I pray that we are smart enough to start moving in the right direction, but based on the choices for November that doesn't seem likely. Good luck and pass the ammo, it is going to be a very bumpy ride down.

The Worldwide Price of Oil

The Worldwide Price of Oil

Some very interesting thoughts on oil and what to do about the rising cost of gasoline. As this president has shown he likes to pick losers with our tax dollars and do oil companies really need federal assistance, what are we do with all these extra tax dollars? I mean we have to spend China's money some how, so why not be dishonest about it and hide how we use it to pick winner's and eventually losers in the energy market. I mean if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door, so lets make sure that it is paved with gold bricks from the treasury.

I believe in the free market and government grants for research are great if you have money, but the market is not free if restrict it through biased regulation and we don't have the money to pick winners and losers in the research market. If something is truly revolutionary and can save the world then rich guys all over the world will want a piece of it to make even more money. If you build the same crappy thing as everyone else, but get millions from the government, you still fold like a cheap tent and the tax payers lose vice dumb rich investors.

I hope we are learning our lesson from this mess, but I am sure we are not because lobbyist will continue to con-vince politicians that the government should invest in their mousetrap because those campaign contributions make a great argument for success in the business world.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What If Oil and Natural Gas Are Renewable Resources?

What If Oil and Natural Gas Are Renewable Resources?

Here is an interesting idea and if it ends up being true than our energy worries could quickly diminish and we could be on our way to a sustainable economy without doing crazy drastic things. I have always wondered about the whole decaying matter idea of creating oil because it seems pretty improbable for the creation of oil, but seems right on for coal. It seems more likely that oil is the waste product of organisms and of course natural gas is already been proven a byproduct of organisms.

Lets figure out which organisms are responsible for creating oil and raise a glass of sweet crude (Guinness) in their honor. Plus we can than figure out how to make them work faster or more efficiently or at least predict how long it will take to replenish spent oil fields. Once we get a handle on this we could work to becoming energy independent or at least tell OPEC to up the production rate, so we can all afford to drive our monster SUVs to the grocery store for a gallon of milk.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

And yes my middle name is Angry!

I have had it up to here with this country's voters, slackers, and politicians.  I am angry because we have abandoned what made us great for bread and circuses.  The politicians lie to us to get our votes and then it is immediately back to business as usual.  We did some heavy lifting in 2010 to see the entrenched career criminals give it all away.  We have done nothing to stop deficit spending and real spending just keeps going up and up.  We are headed for ruin, but who cares because American Idol is on twice a week or there is some big crisis brewing on Survivor.  We have had troops in the field for over a decade, but no one gives a crap because it is just the lowly military class that doesn't even get to vote, plus even if they did they only make up less than 1% of the population.

You want to impress me America then demand better from yourselves and your representatives.  I voted against a big spending mayor of my town and voted against a budget rule that would allow even bigger spending.  Why because if we don't start somewhere we will never get anywhere.  The mayor and the town council bragged that they got two million to build a fire house because it didn't cost the local taxpayer a dime,  it was all federal money.  What the hell?  Where do they think that comes from?  If you want a firehouse then spend your local money to build one because I am betting someone in say Michigan does give a rat's butt about a firehouse in AZ and sure and the hell isn't happy about paying for it with their hard earned money.  The other measure allows the town to put out a $200 million budget, while it can only spend what it brings in, so the real operating budget is closer to $78 million. 

The reason is they support the rule is that instead of being limited to $78 million, they can budget $200 million and any extra money's raise can be spent immediately.  This is insane.  Why wouldn't you put a realistic budget in place and if you run a surplus give it back to the taxpayers, vice spending it immediately?  It is that they think constant growth is a good thing, but I don't see it that way because I am the one paying for it with all kinds of higher taxes and "fees".  They want to be the next California with high taxes and lots of unnecessary services and high paid government employees.  I voted "no" because the madness needs to stop and it needed to start at the local level.  If this keeps up, I am going to run for council and fight them every step of the way.  I think if you have a good place to live and basic needs are taken care of, then you need to stop and access why you want more and more.  Services are nice, but a lot of them are unnecessary and only serve a small sliver of the community and that sliver is mostly the politicians themselves in the long run.

I am going to continue to be angry because there doesn't seem to be any other choice.  My wife hates it when I rant, but I have to get it out because the stupidity will drive you crazy if you don't point it out and get it out.

The Source of American Military Power

The Source of American Military Power

Nice words for your American troops. It does bother me that most Americans do not know someone who has served, especially since we have been at war for over a decade now. People are amazed to hear about people that have actually been overseas and fought in their name. The sad truth is, I have seen and read about it many times, people are disconnected from the people they send to die for this country. There are some that welcome the troops home, which is a very nice gesture, but there are so very many more that have been living their lives like nothing different has been going on for the last decade. The wars are not real to them and the lives that were lost on the battlefields are so very less important than Kim K. or George C looney. We asked these men and women to fight to make America safe again. We sent them there right or wrong to prevent another attack on our citizens. They have done an amazing job and have sacrificed beyond measure in many cases, but what has the average American done? Has anyone lead a rubber or metal drive? Has anyone not eaten meat? We are not a nation at war, but rather a nation that sends its troops to do our dirty work while we go one with our normal celebrity worshiping BS.

We have had several Medal of Honor winners, but they only flash across the screen as momentary blips to ensure the public that we are a great nation of warriors. The fact is that less than 1% serve or support the military in any real way. Hardly anyone knows who the name of current general in charge of the troops facing death every day in our name, Marine Gen. John Allen. How many of us even know how many troops are currently on the field of battle? That is an interesting question because it can not be easily found and the last reports on the number were from around June 2011. We are certainly are not an nation at war, but rather fat couch sitting overlords that allow the best and brightest to do our bidding, while we watch American Idol and Survivor.

America you make me sick. I know those are some pretty harsh words, but they are heart felt and accurate. We talk about sacrifice, but it is always in relation to someone else doing the sacrificing. We are all Americans and we should all be sacrificing to put this country back on the right track. If we think the wars are costing us too much, then think about how these young men and women feel about the cost. It isn't deficit dollars to them, but a less than adequate wage and their lives. America, you want to impress me then adopt a federal sales tax that everyone pays to pay for wars. Give Michael Yon a weekly TV show to show you the real cost of war. Have a reality show on the sacrifices of so many military families living on food stamps. America wake up and realize that it isn't all about you and the celebrities you worship. Get out to one of the Wounded Warrior events and see the courage of those who did your bidding to keep you safe, tell them they aren't worth the cost.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coming Soon: The Commercials that Obama Fears

Coming Soon: The Commercials that Obama Fears

Here are just a few ideas for whomever makes it out of this primary mess and is the nominee. This should have been a slam dunk election against the worst president in American history, but the inept Republicans could find a decent candidate to take the field against the Joker. Hopefully, they will do better against his record in the general election. There is a heck of a lot to use against the Joker and gas prices are not likely to come down much between now and then, so there will be even more Angry Joes out there looking to punish Washington and its current leader. Never underestimate the Power of the Angry Joe.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So When Are We Allowed to Be Intolerant?

So When Are We Allowed to Be Intolerant?

Lots of good stuff in here. The PhD also talks about the civil servant system being screwed up, so I guess I am on pretty good ground with my thoughts on the matter. I am not a bright man, but I do know when things aren't right. America isn't right and until we slay the beast that is Washington, we are going to continue to fight an uphill battle to fix what is wrong with this country. We need real jobs, we need a better way to do a lot of things, and we need less BS out of Washington. The real jobs will never come back as long as there is no stability in America. We need to make companies compete for our dollars, vice having them stolen from us and thrown down the government toilet (think health care, social security, and anything else run by the government). We need to keep Washington from picking winners and losers because they are wrong every time (think Ford vs GM, Solar/Wind vs Nuke/Coal/Gas/Oil).

I could rant for hours on each of these areas, but until the public rises up and slays the beast that is terrorizing the village, there is no hope for the future. I am in serious doubt that they will because the beast buys them off and pits them against their neighbor. Jealousy is a powerful weapon of the beast and the beast uses it to deflect questions it would rather not answer. If you had lots of job opportunity and money to pay for nice things, then you wouldn't care that someone else who worked hard had nice things or even better things. You would see them as something to aspire to be like, but when you can't find a job and the government is causing prices to rise on everything then you get angry. The beast says don't blame us for this mess, it is Wall Street's fault, it is the greedy bankers, it is the big businesses, and it is those people's fault (insert whomever you like, for Germany it was the Jews). Those people are the cause of all your misery and pain, not the beast that steals money out of your pocket and plays favorites with their big money donors. No, it is the people that have worked hard to build something for themselves and provided jobs for people that are the danger and need to be stopped. It isn't the beast with all its constantly changing rules and threats of punishment for failing to keep up with those constantly changing rules. The fact that many businesses need to hire a fleet of lawyers just to make sure they are in compliance, prevents them from hiring actual workers are the bad guys in all this.

The beast is not to blame for the high gas prices that you are paying, it is the oil companies and all the money that they make. But the funny thing about that is if we had more sources of oil and we stopped monkeying with rules, then gas prices would not be hostage to jackasses on the other side of the world and the oil companies would not be passing on the higher costs to the costumers because cost would be lower and would drive gas prices lower. Plus, stop pushing bad technologies on us and saying they are good. If prices stay high people will buy cars that get better gas mileage, but if you keep selling them crappy cars they will look elsewhere for a better product (think Honda in the late 70s).

Do I think that electric cars are the future? Yes but you have to make good ones. You can't package a $50k Chevy Volt and say that it is going to save the world because it isn't. You need to push the $25k Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, & Honda Insight, but you also need to ensure there is reliable power to recharge all those cars. Solar & Wind are not going to cut it, so think Nuclear, Coal, Gas, and yes Oil. The funny thing is we have plenty of all the above right here in America, if only we would get off our high horse and use what God has blessed us with. We could be energy independent in just a few years, but we refuse. We ship coal to China, for jimminy cricket. We need to get serious about the environment and our energy needs. We product the cleanest energy in the world from all sources, so why are we so afraid of every type of energy? Have you seen the output of our coal plants as compared with say China's or India's? France gets 80% of their power from nuclear, so why can't we? We have plenty of land away from population centers to put them and yes there will be those ugly towers and wires, but that is the price you pay for an iWorld.

I have ranted enough, but as you can see there are solutions out there if we only slay that damn beast in Washington. Don't let them fool you into believe that they have all the answers and that they know what is best for us all because they are career liars and history has proven them so. We need to rise up and throw off the yoke of big government and its false promises and wasteful spending. The solutions are out there, we just need to get off the couch and look for a better way.

Whoa, Rick Santelli, on Term Limits!

Whoa, Rick Santelli, on Term Limits!

I don't agree with the author of the article because I fully agree in term limits for everyone in government. The President has term limits, so why shouldn't Congress and the Courts have term limits? The fact that the liberals would never vote for it is no reason to not support them. Of course there is always some long time Congressman that is used as an example against term limits because they were so wonderful for all those decades, which is a false narrative because we don't know if those same people would have pick an even better person or two had they needed to do so. Sure you can keep picking the same dumbasses over and over, while expecting a different outcome. But being force to pick new ones every half decade or so, might just change how Washington is run and might just help. It is hard to believe that swapping out career criminals for novices with fresh ideas is a bad plan.

I also say that we need to apply the same rigor that the military has on up or out to all government jobs. Why does Joe Schmoe get to work at the blank government department for 30 plus years and earn a huge pension, while barely progressing past the job he entered in, while a military member has to perform to serve and it they are past over for rank then they are kicked out based on high year tenure. This system should also apply to all government posts, so if you are a bump on a log that barely meets requirements you are forced out and if you don't progress then you are shown the door. There are safeguards in the military to ensure that key roles are filled and that mid-grade people nearing retirement are not unfairly dismissed, so the same could hold true for other government positions. Do you ever think this will happen? No, and why not is because they are unionized and would never stand for such harsh measures. Funny how we can screw the men and women that defend this country with their lives, but heaven forbid that the piss poor employee at the IRS should ever be shown the door.

Why aren't all government jobs hard to get and harder to keep and why aren't there any winnowing processes in the government system. Hell in the military there are thousands of E-3s, but only a handful of E-9s, but it is the opposite in the government there are a handful of G-3s and millions of G-9s. There is job inflation and not way to get rid of any dead weight along the way, so you end up with a top heavy non-functioning organization. And the solution is always hiring freezes that stop in the input of G-3s, while maintaining the G-9s. This is stupid, plus if you are a G-9 then you can work to retirement with no worries of ever being shown the door. This is crazy, if you are not good enough to keep moving up taking on additional responsibilities then you need to be sent out to pasture with high year tenure just like the military. An O-4 is shown the door at 20 with 50% pay. Is there productive work that they could do? Sure, but their time has past and it is someone else's turn, so out they go. E-6 has the same done to them at 20, so this is a fair plan.

The fact that this sounds harsh is because it is and the military wants only the best and the brightest to hang around and contribute. Why is this not the cast with the government? Would we not want the most capable people running the show? Do we really need a bunch of G-9s and above hanging around doing what a bunch of G-8s and below can easily do? The answer for the union is higher pay for less work and you can never force anyone out. This doesn't work for me and I am pretty sure everyone agree that it isn't working for America either. Plus you should be able to hang around for 30 years just to get 75% pay, the military doesn't allow it and neither should we. We should demand more of our government than workfare.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blog: Making the 'Military Pay'

Blog: Making the 'Military Pay'

This just makes my blood boil. Is it not enought to literally give this country an arm and a leg, but now they ask us to pay even more for the privledge of surviving. The Joker makes me want to puke and I am wonder how much longer the American people with put up with this kind of bullshit. I don't care if I have to pay more, but the meer fact that no one else is asked to sacrifice a damn thing makes me mad as hell. I am sorry if the cussing offends but am an old sailor that has had enough and sometimes you just have to let it out. I am more than willing to sacrifice for this country, but at some point that sacrifice should be bared by all those that live under our flag. So what this tells me is that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are just another another pot for the Joker and his clown posse to steal from with no one willing to standup and say that he is wrong and it needs to be stopped immediately. You want to cut costs then cut government employees and "services". Go back and read the post from a couple of days ago that talks about a straight tax. Every one that is American needs to share in the pain of this financial mess and paying to get us out of debt. We need to cut services to the bone and government employees need to find civilian jobs. Oh there are no civilian jobs because of government employees BS, then maybe they should have thought of that before they wasted trillions of dollars. The party is over and all the money is gone, but the military should not be the only ones sacrificing for this country. It maybe time for the torches and pitchforks to march on Washington. I am sit and tired of shared sacrifice being screw the military because they are too stupid to do anything else. This is class warfare at its ugliest because the military leans conservative and they rarely are allowed to vote, so why not F&%$ them over.

I am done for now because I am so mad that I am going to start letting the f-bombs fall, which isn't nice and should not be done in mixed company it is bad enough that I have already used some of my extensive french vocabulary.