Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tea Party Not Monolithic

Tea Party Not Monolithic

The news keeps confirming what I have been saying, there is no one Tea Party as much as the far right would like to claim the fiscally conservative movement as "conservative" movement with all the socially conservative baggage. It is mostly really pissed off fiscal conservatives that believe in smaller government and the reason that there hasn't been a huge Tea Party influence in this election is crap because it surge several candidates that would never have seen the light of day into the bright media spotlight. Those candidates quickly imploded for various reasons, but the fiscal conservatives kept looking for a champion, but none was to be found. That throws these voters into the general mix for President, but don't think that the local elections are going to see the same confusion. The Tea Party is strong because of all the angry people in the middle that want real change in Washington.

The Angry Joes will continue to seek fiscally conservative candidates to help solve the mess in Washington. They will bring their wrath against those who thumb their noses at the people they are suppose to represent. The Joes will find candidates to back and they will swing election after election. The media is a step behind thinking it is still just about the two parties, but that time has past because the internet makes lesser known candidates known and support can be quickly be rallied around a new hopeful quickly, can you say Scott Brown. The Joes are sick of the party establishment and if a race is looking like big government business as usual, standby for some good old fashion butt kicking. The Joes (squishy independents some would say) want better from their government and that is why they have been leaving the parties in droves. They are looking for better and they won't stop screwing up elections until they get better. I have always said put on your voter registration independent and force the parties to serve up better candidates. In most states you have 30 days before the primary to change your registration status, so you can vote in either primary, so what do you have to lose by declaring your INDEPENDENCE from party rule.

I am an Angry Joe, I am libertarian, I am a fiscal conservative, I support the Constitution, I believe in smaller government, I believe in the straight tax, I believe in a balanced budget, I believe in national debt reduction, I believe in reasonable national defense, I believe in secure boarders, I believe in the rule of law, I oppose bailouts, I believe in term limits for everyone in government office, I am squishy on some topics publicly while being personally conservative, I believe in decriminalizing pot and stopping the war on drugs, I believe in privatizing social security (Chile model), I believe the state should not be in the marriage business at all (marriage is a religious rite, domestic partnerships are the legal entity the state should deal with), and I believe in America. I have said a lot, but we all believe in something and if we are willing to standup for what we believe in then we can fix this country. Do I believe that I am right about everything? Yes, but I am a grown up that understands that other people believe other stuff, but if we focus on say fiscal conservative government than we can move forward together. It isn't hard to agree that wasteful government spending is bad, so why don't we come together under that tent and put and end to it.

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