Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Renewable Green Nuclear Energy: Here, Now

Renewable Green Nuclear Energy: Here, Now

I love this stuff. This could very well be the future because we will make a short stop over in small modular reactors (SMRs) on our way to Thorium power generation. Commercial use of Thorium makes great sense, but it will take a decade to develop a commercially viable version. It would be very exciting to be released from the death grip of Middle East oil and have a way to power our future. I am all for green if it makes sense and is cost effective, like the solar on my roof. I don't believe in green when it is a gimmick and heavily subsidized by the government, like the Chevy Volt that will never sit in my driveway.

If something is good and can make someone money, then it will be developed and sold around the country. The only things that make new power sources tricky is all the government regulation hoops that you have to jump through. Reduce the hoops and it becomes a better bet.

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