Friday, February 3, 2012

Let the Poor and Middle Class Pay Their Fair Share

Let the Poor and Middle Class Pay Their Fair Share

I have said it several times, this is America and we all live here and we all should pay the same tax for that privileged regardless of income. This is America and should be the land of opportunity, so why has it become the land of punishment. If you succeed at whatever it is that you set your mind to then why are you punished with higher and higher taxes. Do you not get the same defense forces protecting you? Do the commerce laws apply differently? The idea of a progressive tax system is insane in America, but we have had for so long few remember that it is counter to our core beliefs as Americans. If we had a head tax then it would set the national budget and prevent government from wasteful spending because there would barely be enough to cover the essentials because a high head tax would never be stood for by the public. If you pay nothing then it is very easy to say raise taxes, but it you have to pay you get very serious about how much money is stolen from your pocket.

I say go back to the head tax (straight tax) and make everyone pay something and force the government to live within its revenue. It would be amazing to see the government promoting families and children because they would need lots of future tax payers. It would also force the states to be on a real budget because they could no longer count on the feds stealing from us and sending it their way. They would have to live and die by only what they could bilk out of us without big brother shaking us down. I don't know what this makes me other than grossly out of step with a huge majority of Americans, but I think I am in the right here and hope the rest of you wake up. I think we should zero the budget and match our revenue to current expenses and when the money runs out everything below the line is either cut or if voters want it they can vote for a tax to cover it, which everyone pays not just the rich. You would quickly find that people aren't willing to pay for a lot of stuff that is currently being funded by China.

I know that I am only dreaming about a straight tax because the powers in Washington would never give up so much control to the people because the political elite know far better than we do about what we should do with our money. I am angry as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. If the Republicans and Democrats want to play kick the can, than I say kick their cans. I will keep crusading for sanity and when the new party arrives, I will campaign for the demise of those other two parties. This country needs to wake the hell up and realize that everything costs and if they want something they are going to have to pay for it. Let's hear it for the straight tax, a balanced budget, and everyone paying their fair share.

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