Sunday, February 5, 2012

It is spreading!

Read the Day By Day cartoon this morning and you are seeing what I've been talking about on the third party front.  We may not have to wait as long as I thought before the disillusioned start to coalesce in the middle and the libertarians, blue dogs, and other fiscal conservatives realize that the parties no longer serve them.  Isn't it obvious that the average middle that isn't vehemently opposed to abortion, but also doesn't think it should be the first line of birth control is not too bad a place.  These are the same people that really don't give a crap about gay unions, but have a problem treading into religious territory with "gay marriage".  These are the same people that believe the war on drugs has failed and has wasted billions.  They also believe that immigration is good, but illegal immigration is bad.  They think something should be done about the boarder, but don't think deporting 12 million people is possible or even right.  Being fiscally conservative and having other opinions is great, but to fix this government we need to focus on the fiscally conservative issue and let some of these other things rest for a while.

I am all for a new party and yes it will take time and money.  There will need to be leaders that are willing to lead and candidates willing to take a chance in the new era.  It only takes a spark to get a forest fire going and once you have some flames, then you pour on the gasoline.  We just need a standup candidate to make a break for it and then the sudden flood of support will cause others to break from the herd.  Scott Brown is not and will not be a perfect "conservative", but he was the better alternative and he went from zero to hero because of the angry middle.  I think the angry middle is going to swing a lot of races in 2012, but since there is likely to be little change at the top they are still going to be angry.  This is the fire we will need to tap into in the coming years.  I may be one crazy voice in the wilderness of third party land, but others will follow.  The original Tea Party was a small act that ignited a nation, the second Tea Party won an election, and the third Tea Party will change a nation.

Come back to the middle and remember what made this country great was not what divided it, but rather what brought it together.  It is time that we remember that we are not the extremes, but the melting pot middle with a whole host of ideas, but the one we rally around is fiscal restraint and smaller government. Call me a populist, call me a squish, call any damn thing you like, but there are millions like me that are sick and tired of the bullshit Washington has been shoveling for years.  Both parties are guilty of big government and wasteful spending, so now is the time to pass judgement and look to a new path forward.

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