Friday, February 24, 2012

Huntsman Onboard

Ex-Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman thinks it just maybe time for a third party that is very fiscally conservative, while being more social libertarian.  Funny how talk of this mythical party is starting to grow as the Republican Primary is narrowing down to Mittens and Big Money Team Player Ricky.  The public is seeing 2012 as a big loser for them because regardless of the three or four choices they now have, they all suck and don't represent where we are as a nation.  We need someone that is going to be fiscally conservative and there is not one single candidate left besides Ron Paul that is fiscally conservative and believes in smaller government.  There is definitely room in the future for such a party made up of fiscally conservative Americans that are fed up with big government.  Maybe even lead by a fiscally conservative guy or gal that may or may not be socially conservatively pure (gay rights, drugs, and of course the biggest of all abortion).  There are a lot of smart people out there that are not social conservative purist but are fiscally conservative and there are strong social conservative purist that are also fiscally conservative.  That sounds like a lot of common ground on which to stand if we can keep social issues as a respected, but sidelined until other things are fixed issues (a la Daniels).  It will be interesting to see if Huntsman becomes the America Elect candidate.

Here is the link to video of Huntsman talking about a third party.

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