Sunday, January 8, 2012

What to do? Meet the Press Debate

Watching the debate this morning and so far the only thing that is striking a cord with me is the Perry response on sacrifice.  Americans want jobs and they want to work to provide for their families.  There was a lot of talk about social issues last night, which is only playing to Left and MSM.  I fully believe that it is important to have those social issued settled in your own heart, but should not be the sole reason to elect the president.  This country is bigger than that and we need to look beyond these issues.  The country must first survive to move forward and heal.  If we fix things then we can debate these personal issues and put them to vote in local/state ballots.

Ron Paul has very strong ideas on fiscal issues and that really strikes a cord with a lot of people (the wife and I).  The flip side of that is the foreign policy, which has some problems in the real world.  I am isolationist leaning and I love the idea of putting our house in order first before we can think about provide assistance outside our boarders.  I am just sorry that Ron Paul walked back from his newsletter, which he stood behind for many year,s but crumbled under the white hot heat of the media.

Perry landed a good punch on several of the "big government conservatives", which is not kind of conservative at all.  I am liking Huntsman for his acceptance of the Ryan plan and pushing for term limits.  He is too soft for the far right, but at least he sees the right answer on political problem and the curve of the budget.  The gay question is was typical gotcha question for the MSM and now the union question is another one.  There is a lot of good answers coming out of this debate, but it is mostly preaching to the choir.  At the end of the first hour, I don't think any opinions will change and the course of the nomination is pretty much set. 

The sad fact is that the stage is filled with OWGs and there is very little actually diversity among them.  I wonder who the VP nominee is going to be?  It is likely to be a female or maybe a man of some color, but is that really the right answer based on the mess this country is in.  Would it not be better to have a budget wiz on the under card?

The wife has spoken and she is a very good barometer for the Angry Janes, she is a fiscal conservative and a relative social moderate (strong personal believes but keeps them personal).  She is liking what she is hearing from Ron and Jon.  She doesn't stay up with all the twists and turns, but she doesn't like Newt or Rick S.  She hasn't really formed an opinion on yet on Rick P. or Mitt.  Based on what I know of my lovely wife, she is sick of the political BS and wants results.  The only people straight talking results on the stage were Ron & Jon.  The other guys are just saying what people want to hear to get elected, which includes all of the other four.

Putting all spin aside, I liked what I heard from Huntsman and he would have a chance if there was a fiscal conservative party that wasn't dominated by the hardline right.  Oh well, Mittens moves forward and this was an exercise in day dreaming.

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