Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rise of the Angry Joes

The Angry Joes are on the rise and there are multiple reports of declining party affliation and the volitity of the Republican field.  The warm blooded hard working American tax payer is searching for more than they are getting out of Washington.  They are sick and tired of the lies and broken promises. 

They were willing to back the Republicans and there were some good times, but the Republicans in Congress 2000-2006 broke their promise of fixing this country and restoring it to greatness.  They failed to create good paying jobs and reign in the government. 

So the Angry Joes looked to the Joler and the Democrats and they tossed out the Republicans in 2006 and 2008.  The bad news is that things only got worse, which most of us on the right already knew that they would.

So the Angry Joes looked to the Tea Party as a breath of fresh air and supported them big time in 2010.  Now the Angry Joes have a problem because there is no one in the 2012 race for them to vote for come November.  They have been willing to swing their support behind just about any candidate that wasn't the Joker or Mittens, but now that well is dry.

So what is an Angry Joe to do now?  They have a couple of options and none of them good at the moment.  They can stay home and not vote for either choice, but that really isn't a solution because both are bad choices.  They can vote the old party line, which is just as bad.  Right now there is no third choice because there is no candidate to get behind.  The Angry Joes need to recruit a viable candidate that understands that we must first get our fiscal house in order before we tackle any other issues.

Who is such a candidate?  I know of only a few and they have already said no, so there needs to be a better effort made to drag them into this race.  Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, and Chris Christie are all the kind of guys that we need.  We need fiscal conservatives that have experience in fixing bad government.  We need straight talkers that can stand up and tell America the party is over and now it is time to pay the piper.

I don't know if any of them would jump in at this late date or if they are even the right guys for the job, but they have to be better than the Joker and Mittens, right?  I want to hear what you are thinking about this mess and how us Angry Joes can make a difference.  I absolutely hate the idea of being forced to either stay home or vote for the Joker or Mittens.

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