Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family

Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family

I love this guy and he words speak truth about the true goal is stopping the Joker. I hate that it is coming down to Mittens, but that is the sad truth, but Mittens is still better than the Joker. I can dream about a knight on a white fiscal conservative horse, but that ain't happening. So, it is time to double up the efforts on the Congress and taking the Senate away from Reid. We will get our day in the future, but if a fiscally conservative House and Senate can make a huge difference in this country regardless of who's butt is sitting in the Oval Office.

This is America and we are all Americans first and anything else second. We need to remember that this is the land of opportunity and was built on hard work. It is time to get back to work and fight to put Washington back in its Constitutional box. We need to starve the beast and remove its tentacles from around our necks. We need invest in job creation by individuals, not the government. We need to make America an attractive place to do business and earn a buck. I will keep beating this drum because this is what is going to save this country. We need to put America back to work and earning an honest days wage for an honest day's work. We need to let people keep the money they earn through hard work. Put an end to class warfare because it is counterproductive and only makes our current situation worse. Company's are not our enemy and hard work has been are trademark for decades, so let's make it profitable to do business in America again.

I want the new elected Congress and President in 2013 to reform taxes and regulation, so that companies know what to expect and know that it is worth investing in America. I want them to seriously cut spending and trim the federal roll (and role). Is this too much to ask? I think not, since we are already cutting the military there needs to be cuts everywhere else. Let's focus on the extra departments and non-Constitutional roles that our government is currently filling, like education, energy, housing, healthcare and the list goes on and on. We can either start with a scalpel or an ax, but we need to start cutting and not stop until we have a balanced budget and money to pay down the national debt. Is this going to be easy, no but necessary. Either we do this or we will be Greece before the 2016 election. I am for austerity now, when we can control the cuts vice bankruptcy where the cuts are reactionary and willy-nilly.

The time has come to put on our big boy pants and stop all the whining and crying. We need to support Mittens and make sure he is backed by a fiscally conservative Congress. Then we make the decisions easy for him by sending him solid plans for fixing this country. Reagan took a lot of heat early for his radical changes, but after a couple of years and significant progress all was forgiven and he is remembered as a great President. I am okay with President Romney taking credit for turning this mess around, if this country actually turns around. I am over my bratty period and I am no longer looking for that damn knight, so lets join together to force real change in America and make a true difference. I want to make America a better place for my beautiful granddaughter who just happens to be named Phoenix. I want America to rise like a Phoenix out of this morass and once again soar like an eagle (cue the band and wave the flags).


  1. When we look around at the crop of GOP candidates, after Perry identified himself as a blubbering fool, there really were no legitimate conservative candidates left to choose from.

    So, the choice is do you take Romney, who is a conservative (even Reagan had made semi-liberal choices in California), or do you give Huntsman a second look, as someone who had actually passed conservative legislation (in Utah, as opposed to Massachusetts)?

    I think the choice here is pretty clear. Romney knows how to run this campaign, and will have the $ to spend on attacking Obama, and we don't have to deal with personal baggage with him.

    He does need to defend capitalism better when his Bain tenure is attacked, but hoprfully that will be easier when the attacker is the "never worked in the real world for a day" President.

  2. Jay, I think you might be right on backing the guy that has the money and experience. I am just saddened by the fact that we couldn't get a fiscal conservative to run, but that is behind us now and we have to focus on what can be done.

    Always good to here from you.